Private Property’s advertising packages

Private Property’s advertising packages

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Private Property offers 3 advertising packages for homeowners who are looking to sell their property. These are some of the features available to advertisers

Online for 6 months and up to 24 photos

Private Property believes in providing great value to our advertisers by providing maximum exposure for property listings. With this in mind, all property listings on Private Property remain to live on our website for 6 months. This allows your property to be seen by millions of property shoppers over the course of your advert’s lifespan. The first impression that buyers will have of your home is from the photos on your listing. The great news is that Private Property allows you to load up to 24 photos so that you can really show off all your property’s best features to interested buyers.
Here are some quick tips for taking photos of your property.

  1. Declutter and clean before you start taking photos
  2. Stage the rooms for photos. For example, place fresh flowers in the sitting room
  3. Make use of light. Natural light is best, so open curtains and blinds. The best time to take photos is early morning or early evening.
  4. Shoot in landscape format, since Private Property is optimised for that format.
  5. Shoot diagonally across a room: this adds depth and dimension – making rooms look bigger.
  6. Crop your photos: crop out neighbouring houses, large tracts of empty lawn, plain walls – anything that detracts from the focal point of the shot.

Email and SMS alerts give you instant results

Buyers on Private Property don’t have to visit the website in order to find out about new property listings. They can sign up to receive Instant Alerts for property that matches their requirements. When you advertise your property with us, we will instantly notify interested buyers in your area by sending them an email or SMS with your property’s details. These buyers can click on a link to view your property and can get in touch with you right away if they are interested.

Attorney Assistance for sellers

Private Property understands that your home is your most valued asset and that the process of selling a home can be challenging. With that in mind, we have partnered with some of the top legal firms in South Africa to assist sellers who advertise on our website. There is no obligation on you to use one of our partner attorneys - as a seller, you can choose the conveyancing attorney to handle the transfer of your property.

High definition images and video

Private Property is the first website to introduce high definition photos and video to the market. High Definition video and pictures provide buyers with an unparalleled view of your property. The higher number of pixels results in richer detail and vibrant colour that brings your listing to life.

If you take an HD or Featured HD advertising package, we will send one of our professional Digital Media Consultants to your home to take high definition photographs and a walkthrough video tour of your property.

In addition to the stunning way that your property will look on site, adverts with HD photos and video will also appear higher up on the page on our website. The position that an advert appears on our website is based on our ranking score. Adverts with HD photos and video will have a higher ranking score and appear higher up on the page. A higher position on the page means that the advert will be seen by more potential buyers.

Here’s how you can help show your home off at its best before the arrival of our Digital Media Consultant.
• Clean the house thoroughly (vacuum carpets, mop hard floors, clean countertops and windows)
• Wash dishes and pack them away
• Clear all surfaces, like nightstands and tables, of clutter
• Make all beds
• Pack all clothing, shoes and toys away
• Turn all lights on
• Turn all TVs off
• Open blinds and windows to let outside light in
• Open all interior and exterior doors
• Remove dirty towels – leave out new, unused towels
• Put the toilet seat down

Featured Listing

Featured listings on Private Property enjoy a prime position at the top of a page. A position higher up on the page will result in more buyers seeing your property and better results. In fact, our research has shown that featured listings have 3.8 times better results than standard listings.

To view our advertising packages click here.

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