Sellers guide: Moving tips

Sellers guide: Moving tips

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Now that you've sold up, it's time to move. Here's how to make the big move without the stress

Deciding how you will move will be influenced by:

  • Cost - Weigh up the cost of using a removal company with the cost of doing it yourself.
  • Distance – If you’re moving far away, you might be better off leaving it to the pros.
  • Time - No one needs a long drawn out move.
  • Timing - You must make sure, whatever you decide, that the timing is right concerning all other parties, i.e. the seller, the buyer of your current home, the removal company. and so on.
  • Volume - The volume and size of your belongings play an important role in deciding whether you use a removal company or borrow Uncle Bob’s trailer.


  • Make an inventory list before you start shopping around.

  • Speak to friends and colleagues about their moving experiences and ask for recommendations.

  • Shop around – get quotes.

Ask the following questions of the removal company:

  1. What makes your company stand out from the rest?
  2. How many trucks do you have?
  3. How big are your trucks?
  4. How many movers are appointed to each move?
  5. What measures are taken to protect my furniture and appliances from being damaged?
  6. Does your price include boxes and packaging?
  7. Does your price include insurance?
  8. If so, what does the insurance cover?

Now that you know who is going to sell your home...
you have decided on a selling price...
your home is ready to be sold...
you are actively advertising it...
you understand the costs of selling...
and you have successfully moved homes...

The next step in your Sellers Guide is to 'Live Well'!

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