Renters guide: A guide for tenants

Renters guide: A guide for tenants

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A step-by-step guide to lead you through the renting process, enabling you to make the best decisions.

Making the best rental decision means knowing the in's and out's of what renting entails and who is responsible for what.

We've put a step-by-step guide together, to lead you through the renting process, allowing you to make the best renting decisions.


Click on the links below and find out what you need to know about lease agreements, tenant and landlord rights, deposits and more.

1. Getting your ducks in a row
Learn how to prepare for renting a home

2. Signing on the dotted line
Information on the lease agreement and renting from a landlord versus an agent.

3. How to deal with the deposit
The correct way the deposit should be handled.

4. The landlord-tenant relationship
What happens when problems arise, and what the landlord and tenant rights are.

5. Terminating the lease agreement
How to terminate a lease agreement and mitigate any potential difficulties.

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