Commercial properties

An investment in any property can be financially lucrative, but a commercial property can offer more financial reward in the long run. Private Property has a vast list of commercial properties for sale across all South Africa’s nine provinces.
Reasons to consider investing in commercial properties outside of the huge income potential
Good upkeep
Generally tenants of commercial properties rely on the image of the property to attract customers, which means property maintenance isn’t an issue.
Professional relationships
Unlike with residential property, commercial property relationships are much more business-like making it easier to retain a courteous interaction.
Work hours
Most businesses follow the general 9-5 hours which means you’re unlikely to receive night-time calls, outside of a fire or break-in.
Secure investment
Commercial property has both value in the land and structure itself so, if chosen carefully, there is always earning potential regardless of the tenants.
Objective pricing
Prices of commercial property for sale are easier to evaluate as you can request the owner’s income statement and determine the price from that. Commercial property pricing is much more objective than residential property.
Commercial properties can include:
Retail buildings
Office buildings
Industrial buildings
Apartment buildings
Mixed-use buildings
If you’re looking for commercial properties for sale – or are looking to list commercial property for sale - then Private Property is the portal for you. Our extensive list of commercial properties is easily navigated and categorised according to province and localised regions. We have everything you need at the click of a button!
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Commercial property insights

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