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We thank you for the opportunity afforded to us to make this submission and it is with pleasure that we remit the following synopsis of our practice :

We are a purely conveyancing and banking law orientated firm, with 3 professionals and a staff compliment of 12 in total. We commenced practice in June 2002

The writer has previously served with Meumann White Attorneys and Conveyancers for 5 years. Shivani Ramdass, who served her articles and was previously employed as a Professional Assistant at De Broglio Wolfson (now constituted as Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes Durban), has also joined us, whilst Anusha Madunchand has joined as a conveyancer from commercial practice;

We remain proficient and conversant in this field especially having regard to the various changes inculcated by the National Credit Act and have over the last couple of weeks work-shopped, with other firms, of significant standing, in Johannesburg, the challenges of such collections and are reviewing strategies in place to expedite this process for Financial Institutions and our recommendations can be made available to you, on request;

We are intent on expanding our practice to incorporate a foreclosure division which the writer will be personally responsible for to ensure that you are afforded the best possible expedient service;

We are pleased to report that we are one of only 3 firms in Kwa-Zulu Natal to be selected by First National Bank to render assistance in terms of their Quick Sell Programme where we were also nominated to attend to the very first sale held on the 31st March 2009, which thus far has proved to be very successful;

We are also the only KZN Firm on a niche Panel within the ABSA Bank umbrella that in our view affords us the necessary expertise to attend to their Property in Possession transfers;

We placed on the Bond Registration and Cancellation Panels of all the major banks, since the inception of our practice and we are proud to advise that we are also due to be placed on the panels for commercial and real rights registrations with Nedbank, Investec Private Bank (whom we have registered commercial bonds for on an ad hoc basis) and BOE Limited as we believe this avenue to be the future of the property development landscape;

We have adopted an approach where we engage with select clientele and have formulated our own panel of Estate Agencies in the same manner in which banks have formulated theirs. Our belief is that this approach encourages longevity and mutual development as opposed to adopting a view governed by greed and thereby seeking to throw our weight behind the entire industry thereby compromising on service levels. In this way we are driven to expedience and customer service excellence;

Our Conveyancers, for instance, maintain their own portfolios and clientele as we are of the view that Property Transactions are by their nature complex and probably the most important one undertakes in a lifetime and therefore demands the attention of a professionally qualified leader.

The Foreclosure environment demands the same of our attorneys;

We are also the appointed attorneys representing Kwa-Zulu Natal Network Listings, which is a body that represents approximately 150 different agencies throughout KZN, comprising of the largest branded companies such as Wakefield's, Acutts, Pam Golding, Homenet, Seeff and the like and our exposure to the property sector is significant.

We have been charged with also assisting the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa, KZN, on a similar level and on issues of Policy and Estate Agency Administration;

Our Mission Statement:

*To be at the forefront of the development of Law Practice in South Africa in a deregulated market environment;

*To refine and develop professional skills and client service in order to satisfy current clients and improve the firm’s ability to attract new clients;

*To be pro-active and creative constantly seeking new and more effective and relevant ways of attracting business and solving clients problems, and in the process;

*To actively and consciously build ongoing professional relationships with our clients’, based on mutual trust, service excellence and client satisfaction.

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