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We thank you for this opportunity to offer our services as Panel Attorneys and will define our motivation under separate divisions.


Our firm's inception was on the 1st March 1988 and we have been operating and growing steadily for the past 24 years.


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that our firm specialises solely in conveyancing and property transactions. 






This of utmost importance to our firm.  We strive to make quality service available to our clients in the most effective and conscientious manner possible.  Our success in the market place is based on the above, especially as time is by far the most important factor for Estate Agents / Property Developers / Originators and all the banking institutions.




With reference to market penetration, we include Estate Agents, Property Developers / Originators and Banking Institutions.  It is obvious that our firm does not receive every transfer from specific Estate Agencies as they might support more than one Attorney.  The onus rests upon the seller as to which conveyancer he chooses to handle his transfer.


In my opinion our share in the market of Estate Agencies in our area is between 60 – 70%.


The estimate percentage may even be higher, but what is most important is that we are still working with some of the largest Agencies in Pretoria.





We handled an average of ± 170 transfers, 400 bonds and 200 bond cancellations per month in the past, from different institutions and Estate Agencies, but due to the current property market structure it dramatically dropped.




We handled an average of ± 20 Town Registers average of 48 ervens per Town Registrar – with an average selling price of R500 000.00 – R1.4 million (excluded building packages) per year, which will, I suppose, would also be less for the year to come.


We handled an average of ±50 Sectional Registers – average between 4 – 60 sections / units per Sectional Register – with an average selling price of

R480 000.00 – R1.4 million per year.




Our firm constitutes of 5 (five) qualified Attorneys, Conveyancers and a Notary. Partners are Mr WD Saayman, Mrs C Brummer and Mr TJ Ntsie .  Each Attorney has a specific function within the firm and their department. Control through each department is the maximised for strict management and effectiveness.


We have a further 13 (thirteen) deeds typists of which 8 (eight) are transfer typists, 3 (three) bond typists and 2 (two) Cancellation typists an additional 6 (six) administrative staff, 3 (three) bookkeepers, 2 (two) receptionist, 1 (one) prep lady in the deeds office and 2 (two) administrative staff that travel to all the institutions on a daily basis in and around Pretoria.


One of our staff members travel through to Johannesburg every Tuesday and Friday and if need be on any other day, to streamline and speed up the transactions by collecting and delivering the necessary documentation.


All of our documentation is linked via the latest network system in our offices with up to date programmes.  We are also linked directly to the Deeds Office and all the Banking Institutions. Our instructions are drawn directly onto our computes via the internet to which all our ladies have access, as we communicate with our clients via sms messages


to their cell phones. We are able to e-mail and fax documentation directly from each

workstation. We use Lazer printers to print the necessary documents for the highest quality specifications of the Deeds Office.  Each staff member has access to all of the above, therefore enabling her to run a workstation independently from the rest of the office.  The Attorneys in the office are also equipped with the above, which enables them to manage their department to the best of their ability.


Our Company owns its own building with 12 parking spaces for clients and 18 parking spaces for the staff.


5.            PANELS


Our firm is presently on all the Financial Institutions panels (excluded SA Homeloans).  We are also on Absa Bank and Standard Bank's Bond Cancellation Panel. We have also taken out additional insurance, in the amount of R3 million, with AON SOUTH AFRICA (Previously Glenrand MIB to ensure further financial stability.  A copy of this can also be forwarded to you if requested.




This is above all expectation and is based on a wide client basis.  We believe that by delivering service we do not have to pull out any "tricks" for our clients. By doing this, you loose focus and independence.




In my opinion a business relationship with your Institution could benefit both of us, especially with market related situations.  Agents and clients prefer to use the same Attorney for the transfer, bond and cancellation of existing bond as this help to increase the speed of the transaction. We as a firm also prefer to handle all the linking transactions so that we can have control over it because it has a influence on our Turn Around Times, which directly effect our performance. We can only benefit by having a good relationship with your institution as further linking with outside Attorneys causes loss of speed, which causes frustration for us.






8.            FUTURE


Without exception, it is our motto to thank our clients for their support, as our relationship has and will still develop.  We will endeavour to assist in other areas and always support your product.


We are also fully BEE Compliant, a certificate to that effect can be supplied on request.


We thank you for the consideration of our proposal and invite you to contact the writer hereof, if you require any further information or would like to visit our firm.




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231 Marjoram Street Annlin Pretoria 0182

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