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About 3 Percent Com, 3%.com properties. Oak Law

Lawyers Selling Property, It Makes Sense!

3%.Com Properties ™ is the trademark for a network of Attorneys and Conveyancers that specialise in selling and transferring immovable property. It is currently in the process of establishing a nation wide franchise.

The operation provides a complete service from valuing, marketing, selling and transferring the property, arranging finance, registering the bond to finally paying the client.

3%.Com Properties is unique because only practising attorneys and conveyancers are members of the franchise. As specialist property lawyers we are equipped to provide legal and tax advice on your property transactions.

There is no need to run to a lawyer for protection - we are lawyers...and our commission is genuinely only 3% (plus VAT).

Take your time to browse through our online property listings, but if you cannot find the property you are looking for on our website contact us, and we will try our best to help you find the property of your dreams.