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Onrus Trading Post, Onrus, Hermanus


About Chas Everitt, Chas Everitt Whalecoast

Chas Everitt Whale Coast is situated in the area from Hermanus to Pringle Bay. This whale watching haven boasts the most rustic little suburbs and towns like Sandbaai,Onrus,Vermont,Fisherhaven and also includes the coastal gems Kleinmond, Betty's Bay and Pringle Bay.


Hermanus was found by Hermanus Pieters back in the 1800's when he came down from the surrounding inland area to let his flock drink at the fountain,hence the original name of Hermanuspietersfontein!

More people took advantage of the phenomenal beauty of the area and the abundance of water and pasture. Eventually it became popular to come to Hermanus for annual holidays with wagon and oxen.


Hermanus boast a primary and secondary school. It attracts all the pupils from close lying towns and farms and strives to be a top school encompassing all aspects of student life.


Kleinmond has a primary school drawing from the town itself and surrounding farms


All regular sport(rugby, cricket, soccer, golf, bowls etc) are actively pursued in our area. The added benefit of living here is the water sports-surfing,diving,fishing and the fantastic scenery lends itself to hiking, mountain biking,and cross country jogging.

Local attractions

The whales! The area has the most fantastic world-renowned views on the planet. Taking the scenic Clarence Drive from Gordon's Bay puts you in the right frame of mind for the trip ahead. As you pass Betty's Bay you have the Harold Porter Botanical Garden. Driving through Kleinmond with it's fantastic golf course and original "holiday feel" will make all the daily stress disappear from you. Continuing from Kleinmond you will find the Arabella golf resort with it's 5 star hotel and golf course.Hermanus awaits you like a pearl. A bustling town with all amenities. Great restaurants to visit and sip a cocktail while drinking in the splendor of the surrounds.


A state of the art Medi-Clinic is situated in Hermanus as well as an extemely well run provincial hospital. All specialist operations are done in Hermanus. From a shopping perspective Hermanus has it all, from the quaint little corner art shop to the mega franchises ofering everything the bigger cities can.

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