CARE Awards: RE/MAX Panache supports both national and local causes

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RE/MAX of Southern Africa launched the RE/MAX Foundation in 2012 with the vision of positively impacting the lives of people in South Africa.

The foundation elects a national cause to support – at present this is the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, and in particular the Breathe Easy Campaign which raises funds to support children who cannot leave hospital as they are unable to afford their own breathing apparatus.

On a local level, each RE/MAX office elects a community beneficiary to support under the banner of the RE/MAX Foundation, and 70% of funds raised by the offices are donated towards their charities, with the remaining 30% going to the national cause.

RE/MAX Panache agents contribute towards the foundation on a voluntary basis, by electing to donate a percentage of their commission, or a rand value per transaction, on every sale that registers. The office annually raises between R40 000 and R50 000 from these agent contributions. An additional fundraising effort is planned for August, with the aim of being able to contribute a further R35 000.

Locally, RE/MAX Panache supports the Reach for a Dream Foundation (RFAD), with which it has a seven-year relationship. Owner Grant Gavin explains: “RFAD contacts us whenever a northern Durban child needs a dream fulfilled, and RE/MAX Panache purchases the item, whether it be a jazz guitar, or an iPad, and we become a part of the dream handover. This personal involvement is an integral part of our fundraising initiative because the agents get to see first-hand where their money is going.”

RE/MAX Panache blood drive

In 2012 RE/MAX Panache began an initiative to support the local branch of the SA National Blood Services. One of its agents has a son whose life has been largely dependent on the regular blood donations he receives and as a result the office decided to utilise its Glenashley address as a mobile blood donation point.

The service requires at least 15 units of blood before considering using a location as a mobile blood donation point, and the first attempt in 2012 yielded 21 units.

RE/MAX Panache Community Service Award

In 2013, RE/MAX Panache introduced a new award as part of its Annual Awards Programme in order to recognise somebody in its community who has gone above and beyond to assist people in the northern Durban community.

The first recipient is Tyron Powell of Marshall Security, who is well known for keeping Durban’s streets safe and helps all members of the community when in need – regardless of whether or not they have a contract with his security company.

Watch Tyron receiving his award by clicking here.

Community blog

In 2011 RE/MAX Panache launched a community blog, called Durban North Connect. The idea was to connect people in the community via a website highlighting events happening in the community, featuring local personalities who have achieved in their chosen field, as well as to give small businesses an opportunity to be featured on the site – all for free.

You can view the blog at


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