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The perceived inefficiency of the EAAB (Estate Agencies’ Affairs Board) continues to be one of the biggest issues facing estate agents in South Africa. This comes after we conducted research with agents across the country to ascertain trends in the property industry in South Africa.

The EAAB, which aims to raise levels of professionalism in the industry, has been tarnished by trust fund scandals, with widespread allegations of fraud and corruption. This is in addition to it recently being placed under stewardship by the Minister of Human Settlements, Tokyo Sexwale, which further added to its perceived inefficiency.

An Estate Agency Affairs Industry Summit was held on 4 and 5 October, at which these issues were addressed. The summit aimed to redefine the role and mandate of the EAAB; discuss measures which can work towards creating an inclusive and integrated estate agency industry; look at ways to transform the estate agency industry as a key economic driver to stimulate growth and development; and develop a new research and development programme.

“The industry has for some time been frustrated by the inefficiencies of the EAAB, but the moves to transform it can only bode well,” says Justin Clarke, Chairman and CEO of Privateproperty.co.za. “We work closely with the industry on a day-to-day basis, so we understand where these frustrations are.”

“However, with the industry working together to tackle the issues, it can only get better. As part of our commitment to this, we conducted research in order to understand your needs more fully, and to ensure that we continue to offer you what you really want and need. It’s heartening when we hear back from you that you find www.privateproperty.co.za the easiest site to work with, and one that generates good-quality leads. It means we’re on the right track, and that we will continue to progress as we are, in making the property business easier – for you and your customers”.

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