How about a great branding opportunity for your agency??

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If you are serious about establishing your brand or making sure that the biggest audience of property buyers knows who you are then you cannot afford to miss out on our new product offering!

Increase your exposure to SA’s biggest online property audience with Private Property’s latest marketing tool, the list results banner.

What’s it all about?

As an Estate Agent who advertises their mandates on, your company logo should already appear on each of your property listings near the contact details. But how can you increase your presence on the site in other areas?

That’s easy! With the latest tool available on the new-look website – the list results banner.

What is a list results banner?

For every property advertised by your agency on, your agency will have its logo appear within the listing details block on the search results pages. Please see the example below:

And that’s not all!

The logo will click through to a landing page dedicated to your agency, which will have general information about your company, its location and its agents, as well as all properties currently advertised on Private Property’s website by your agency.

In addition, there will be a “sell my house” button, which will enable would-be sellers to contact you directly to sell their property for them.

What are the benefits?

In a nutshell, an agency with a list results banner will:

  • Unique branding opportunity

  • Increase your branding by 20 times more than before with the banner

  • Increase leads and awareness through the dedicated landing page

Increase your Pro Points AND your Exposure

Private Property will issue your agency with Pro Points equivalent to your spend on the list results banner each month, which essentially means that the banner pays for itself!

Remember: Pro Points increase your exposure to the market

When will this product be available??

Well, our new web site is currently in a Beta phase and will be ready for FULL release to the public on the 1st October.

We will be launching this unique product along with the launch of our new site, so please place your order now, so that we can make sure that you receive the brand exposure you need on our new site.

For more information, or to sign up for the list results banner for your agency, please contact your Private Property relationship/account manager.

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