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We at decided that 2012 would be the year of positive change with the view to giving agents as much value as possible. We realised that we have a responsibility to use our position as the leading property portal in SA to effect positive change and to bring back respect and professionalism to our industry.

With that in mind we have made some BOLD decisions and made real changes to the way we do our business. I thought it would be a good idea to summarise these changes and explain our position.

1) _ _BOOM

WOW! What an over whelming success! This initiative has allowed our customers to add an unlimited amount of listings at no extra cost to them. The results to date have been extraordinary! 30% of our customers have elected to take advantage of the offer, with these customers seeing a remarkable increase of 38% in the number of leads received, and we have increased our stock levels by 25%. That has really proved to us that for you to get the best result you need to list ALL your stock. BOOM has really taught us some valuable lessons about “how we should price our product” and we have moved quickly to launch our new pricing structure. More on this here …

This graph shows a remarkable increase in the volume of listings loaded onto from the start of BOOM in June.

[caption id="attachment_763" align="aligncenter" width="300"]'s BOOM campaign[/caption]

2) _ _Post moderation/ front façade photo

We now moderate your listings after they have already been published. What this means for you is that your listings “go live” real time and you will receive the leads a lot quicker. We are still very serious about quality, but trust that you will make sure that you keep listing good quality listings with good content. We also did away with the strict rule related to you only listing a property with the first photo being a front façade of the property. We concede that sometimes other features may result in the sale of a property and trust you to feature these accordingly. We want the best browser experience and you can help us get it with creative marketing.

3) _ _New sales structure

We have always made sure that we have a LARGE sales force of people who you could easily access to correct any problem you may have. But, our sales staff roles and responsibilities have varied according to the product they were selling. We now want you to have one single, reliable, trusted “port of call” that can partner you in your business and introduce you to the many new exciting opportunities that the internet provides. With this in mind we have increased our sales staff complement and reduced the number of customers they look after significantly. That means that you have access to a trained professional who is there to help you with any difficulty you may have. Our promise is that our service levels to you our valued customers will increase remarkably.

4) _ _New product pricing

BOOM was always a short term opportunity to transition our customers to a package that would allow them to load an unlimited number of properties. We have now reached that transition point and as soon as your current contract ends we will be visiting you to discuss the new packages and to advise you on the benefits of each package. We have made sure that simplicity is the end goal. To maintain our position as the leading portal in SA we need to make sure that we list every property for sale or to let. The trick is to also to be able to provide additional online products to either enhance your listing results or to brand your office or you as the agent more significantly. These sorts of products will be available to customers who are willing to take advantage of these opportunities, but are not exclusive to anyone.

The monthly subscription packages will be:

[caption id="attachment_764" align="aligncenter" width="300"]'s new pricing structure[/caption]

With additional products like these being available:'s premium productsAs you can see we have been really busy, but we won’t stop bringing you more and more value. We are your technology partners and our love is the opportunity the internet brings to real estate.

I wish you happy selling!



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