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genLive anywhere inland? Chances are you already know at least one of our sales execs. Here’s a little more about Genevieve and her team … things that (probably) don’t come out in business meetings!

Genevieve (the first)

“Fun and family keep me going … oh, and work. I love spending time outdoors, and traveling in South Africa and overseas. My mottos are to live life to its fullest, never regret anything, and be humble. I always have time for anyone to pop in just to say hallo, and we might end up lighting a fire and pouring a glass of wine.”

Genevieve (the second)

“Before I started with Private Property, I taught drama. People would ask me what I did for a living and I would say – I am a professional person who plays all day! Now I’m a professional person who plays all day with awesome people who understand hard work and enjoy helping other people!”


“I’m sociable, sunny and outgoing, and I value family and friends. I enjoy being creative and making art, singing, and dancing.”


“My daily routine: get up; be awesome; go back to bed! I always try and see the bright side in every situation, and the best in almost everyone I meet. I love what I do and it’s contagious.”


“I have a Yorkshire puppy called Nina. My second love to sales is photography. I find the sound of thunderstorms relaxing. I don't like wearing yellow. My favourite things in life are chocolate and wine. I’d love to travel more.”


“I am a big fan of almost all sports and I like to play golf myself from time to time. I’m almost always game for new experiences. And since I joined Private Property I have already experienced a couple of firsts.”


“I always loved to travel, read and garden. When Private Property adopts the same approach as the Virgin company and we have unlimited leave at our disposal, I shall travel more extensively. What can I say, a girl can wish!”


“I love Pretoria’s hustle and bustle – the city life! I enjoy swimming, dancing, conversation and the odd debate. Oh and good red wine! I dislike and don't understand: fruit salad for dessert. It should always be something with chocolate.”


“My biggest bucket list ticks: skydiving; watching the Serengeti migration; staying on Mnemba – the most beautiful island in the world; canoeing on a mokoro in the Okavango Delta; swimming Midmar; and catching tiger fish from a house boat on Lake Kariba. Next up: a white Xmas in New York and New Years in Las Vegas!”


“It’s better being absolutely ridiculous than being boring; I have an ecstatic passion for life and an attitude of gratitude! One day when I have time I’ll start exercising and cut gluten and chocolate – but you know what they say about ‘one day’ …”


“I enjoy people and entertaining. I love my garden, and need to always be doing something creative. Oh – and of course wine. I do love wine.”


“I have a passion for what I do – but my greatest love is my seven-year-old son, who keeps me active so no gym is required! Other things that fill my heart are cooking, reading and spending time with family and friends.”


“I am a fun-loving happy chappy when I am out – for work or for play. I love the outdoors, hunting, camping and 4x4-ing. My best is going to game reserves and lodges with my family and friends.”

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