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Cathy Nolan

ppCoastal sales is a motley crew – although between them they exhibit our informal values of loving their families and dogs, getting “out into the wild” as often as possible, and generally being passionate about our brand and their clients. That they’re all a little loopy seems to go without saying …

James heads them up.


  • I'm a “when life gives you lemons, whip out the tequila and salt” kinda guy

  • I love trail running – give me a mountain and I'll run over it – literally, and figuratively

  • Crossfit and kettlebells; that is all

  • I’m a re-born Capetonian – why would you ever want to be anywhere else?


*Robyn *(the real Bridget Jones!)

  • I’m a spicy food whisperer

  • Because of the spicy food addiction, I’m forced to “wog” (walk/jog); but my passion here is nowhere near as great as my passion for the problematic spicy food

  • I’m part of a pub quiz team called Cupid Stunts


  • I breathe and dream golf during the week and then on Saturdays I chase that little white ball

  • The highlight of my day, every day, come rain or shine, is 5:30 – when my Border Collies have their field time.

  • I have one pet peeve, and can’t control my rage when people are slow at ATMs: “Put card in, push buttons, take money, walk away. It’s not hard.”

*Marni *

  • I love shopping and mountain biking – differently, but equally

  • I hate horror movies – why choose to be scared

  • I love my glass of wine (or two!) at the end of a hard week

  • And I really get upset when people are unfair

*Vanessa *

  • I’m a tomboy and grew up challenging boys with my slingshot, hunting and building forts (but I do clean up nicely when I need to act girly)

  • I love sport and will compete in just about anything; my boys eagerly join in and we recently completed a 5km walk to honour my late husband, whom we lost to cancer a few years ago

  • I have a passion for the outdoors; I’m in my element when I get to sleep in a two-man tent and jump on my mountain bike to explore the forest

  • I have three gorgeous boys and love them to the moon and back


  • My three gorgeous children are my life – and my daughter Cassel has just gifted me with a grandson; he’s brand-new and he’s the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen

  • Give me a challenge and I’ll give it my all – no matter how insurmountable it seems

  • My fave kick-back is watching a good movie; bring on the popcorn!

*Sheyenne *

  • I can shoot a Clay Pigeon disc better than my husband (but ssh, don’t tell him I told you)

  • I can roller-blade, and my sport as a young girl was speed skating; I’m a bit of a speed freak, what can I say!

  • My best holiday destination is Alaska

  • I have two beautiful sons and my favourite job is being their mommy


  • I’m absolutely crazy in love with my little boy Janlu … and my husband too of course

  • I’m a huge dog lover and have two that rule the house (or at least I let them think they do)

  • I’m passionate about the Private Property brand; I love my clients and try to serve them with absolute excellence


  • I enjoy travelling and being in the outdoors, especially when I am geocaching or taking photos

  • My colleagues tease me but I am a little OCD about certain things … I can’t be late, especially if we are flying somewhere

  • I find it so gratifying that I love my job and my clients become great friends

  • I’m looking forward to my trip to Kgalagadi in December (but sad I’m missing my first Private Property end-of-year party, they sound legendary!)

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