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Mark Coetzee

It’s BOOM time! has always been the market leader in online product innovation and lead generation. We have the biggest audience of loyal property shoppers and now it’s time to give them more options to choose from.

Browsers opt to use the Internet because it gives them choices. With this in mind, we’ve launched a campaign that will run until year-end. BOOM provides you, the agent, with the opportunity to get all your properties onto at no additional cost.

We believe that a wider variety of choice in property will bring about a far higher level of lead generation. Early signs show that customers who have elected to take advantage of this opportunity and have loaded 50% more stock have, in fact, increased their leads by 400%.

We have a registered data base of buyers that increases by 10 000 every month – by offering you more slots, they get more options and you get more leads! is all about leads

A recent study with a leading real estate brand shows that is the market leader with regards actual leads generated for our customers. In fact, this study reveals that we generate four times more leads per property than our nearest competitor! That’s an amazing compliment for us, but, we will not rest on our laurels.

Our mission is to provide the real estate industry with the best value possible. Something we have learned is that if you have a big cheque book it’s easy to buy Internet traffic. But, often this traffic is unrelated to property and is simply fluff that is bought through an international network of Internet sites to “make you look good”.

We prefer to be judged by the number of leads we bring to the market. This is really what counts for your business and is what we are good at. Stats prove that the number of leads that we generate grows every month.

Leads per month for 12 months:

Building our brand has established itself as the most trusted and reputable property brand in SA. We have further committed to continue our brand building throughout the rest of 2012. Our job is to ensure that we are “top of mind” when anyone decides to buy or rent property in SA.

Having this type of brand loyalty, and then providing our browsers with the best online experience in the country, will ensure that we remain the leaders in lead generation to you, our agent customers. Judging by the statistics (see graph below) you will see that our brand is consistently searched more often than that of our nearest competitor. In fact, the last 30 days have shown a remarkable increase in people searching the web for the brand term “Private Property”.

It’s clear that we are the preferred brand for property shoppers in SA!

BLUE – Private Property

RED – Property 24



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