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Cathy Nolan

santa2Our Inland Sales team, after a suggestion from Brenda Lange, got involved in this year’s* Santa Shoebox Project – and they’ll be putting smiles on kiddies’ face come Christmas time.*

The project is “very special”, according to Brenda. And it’s very simple to be a part of … simply go to the website, make your pledge, and then follow the easy instructions for packing a box. You’ll know the age and gender of the child you’re gifting, so it’s super-easy to fill your box up with appropriate items.

“I hear about it every year, but always excused myself for not participating by saying that I didn’t have the time. This year I decided to make the time: I was at a function and overheard someone from the project saying that the East Rand region, in particular, was lagging behind in terms of having pledges for its target. And it’s not fair that so many children don’t experience the joy of Christmas!”

Brenda herself packed boxes for a baby girl (“too cute, the things that went in there”) as well as for older children.

Santa Shoebox National Sponsorship and Gauteng Regional Co-ordinator Margie Kostelac said that corporate pledges are so important to the Santa Shoebox Project.

“Most of the pledges are more than 25 boxes at a time and because of this, we are able to assist more children in receiving a gift and having smiles on their faces,” she said.

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