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Mark Coetzee

I love this time of the year!

This is the time that we all take to THINK long and hard about our personal and business goals for the year ahead. This is the time when we PLAN our strategy and the time when we are most energised with new hope and some new year’s resolutions!

I’m especially excited about 2013! We spent the most part of 2012 restructuring our business in preparation for the new year. Never before have we been in a better position to INNOVATE and this year you will see stuff from us that will set us apart from the rest as the preferred Portal of Choice for property shoppers and our customers alike!

So what is it we will be doing?

New Privateproperty.co.za website launch

You could never accuse us at Privateproperty.co.za of being followers. We’re always looked to INNOVATE and this is a characteristic that is seriously needed in an ever-changing and fast-moving environment like the Internet. This year we will again lead the industry into a new era of property search. The new Privateproperty.co.za site will be something the industry has never seen before and will again redefine the way people interact with a property website! The goal is for a property shopper to have a far more personal relationship with the website. We are also very serious about reputation management of our estate agent customers and will therefore also work toward building a trust relationship between the buyer and our agent customers. The website launch is imminent!

Service and more service

We really want you as our customers to LOVE the service we offer. To this end we will be dedicating a telesales Account Executive to you to assist with any query you may have. These people are your “go to” guys with regards new product releases and certain technical assistance. Aside from having a dedicated Account Executive we also have a super-efficient support team that is ready to take your call if you need us. Barrie has explained their role more effectively.

New product releases

2013 will be the year for new innovative online marketing products. We have listened to our customers and applied our minds to find products that will assist in mandate acquisition and lead generation, and will also brand your business better. Some of these products include:

1) Featured Listing slots – Launched at the end of 2012, this product is showing great lead results. Make sure you use this opportunity to BOOST the performance of your selected properties.

2) Virtual Tour bundles – One of our greatest products is still the Virtual Tour. It enhances the quality of your listing and can be used as an incentive for a seller to give you the sole mandate. We have decided to make these Virtual Tours available to you in greater quantities by building a few different bundled product options. These options include:

  • 1 Virtual Tour for R500 (ordered when needed)

  • 12 Virtual Tours for R3 500 (bought as a bundle per month)

  • Unlimited Virtual Tours for R5 000 (bought as a bundle per month)

These bundles will be available from February. For more information please mail raakheep@privateproperty.co.za and we will make sure that your Account Executive provides you with the information needed.

3) Area Banners – This is a great branding opportunity that will help with mandate acquisition and also help you attract better agents! This product will launch in the coming months and promises to be a huge success.

As the migration of property search continues to move online so too will we continue to innovate and find better ways for you to capture this ever growing market. January 2013 WILL be our biggest ever month with regards lead generation with and expected 600 000 leads being generated on the portal. With Privateproperty.co.za you can rest assured that if anyone is looking for a property, they WILL find it with us.

I wish you happy selling!

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