5 Design and décor trends for 2021

5 Design and décor trends for 2021

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1. Eco design

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In the last few years, climate change has become an important topic of discussion for many people around the globe. That's why it comes as no surprise that sustainability has become a huge aspect of modern interior design and décor.

Eco design is one of the biggest trends of the upcoming year, as people try and reduce their carbon footprints in order to minimise the negative impacts design and décor can have on the environment.

Gone are the days of cutting trees down to make space for elaborate house designs. Now, architects and interior designers are incorporating nature into their designs. Not only is this great for the environment, but it’s aesthetically pleasing too and can bring the calming energy of nature into your home.

2. Unisex

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Did you know that pink was once considered a ‘boy colour?’ In the 1920s, it was perceived by some to be a lighter version of red — a colour associated with manhood. It wasn’t until the 1940s that the tide shifted and pink went from being masculine, to being associated with femininity.

Gender stereotypes are being questioned in modern society, which is why unisex or gender-neutral décor is becoming increasingly popular. More people are opting for neutral colours for their nurseries and children’s bedrooms, as opposed to painting and decorating rooms based on colours associated with specific genders.

3. Metallic finishes

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Nothing screams modernity like a beautiful metallic finish. One way to add this into your home is to opt for metallic paint, which will add a futuristic vibe to your household. Or, you can choose metallic accents by buying mirrors with a shiny, metal frame, buying a metallic vase and furniture with metallic touches.

4. Navy blue

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It’s dark enough to be as alluring as the colour black, but it’s not dark enough to completely suck out the life out of a room. Navy blue is 2021’s must-have design and décor colour! This colour is a great way to add elegance into a room. Add a navy blue couch, rug or a coffee table to add some sophistication into your home.

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5. Bold statement pieces

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Go big, or go home! Bold statement pieces that make a huge impression are in for 2021. Think about a colourful centerpiece, colour blocking (adding a variety of complementary colours into your home. Wild, but chic!), neon signs, bold patterns and designs.

Bold statement pieces have to be executed well, or else they’ll leave your place looking tacky. If you’re choosing to colour block your house, make sure you choose subtle décor items. If your house is fairly minimalist, surely adding a colourful centerpiece to your living room table wouldn’t hurt. Use your discretion.

Keep all these trends in mind if you’d like to upgrade your home design and décor in 2021.

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