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Cycling is the perfect way get a great work-out and be more eco-friendly, but storing a bike can be an eye-sore. Here’s how you can store your bike indoors, without making your home look cluttered.

Storing a bicycle outdoors can leave it vulnerable to theft, as well as the harsh elements. For avid cyclists, keeping their bicycle indoors might be a better option. However, not only do bikes get in the way, but they’re also not the ideal décor for a home. Here are a few ideas to store your bike indoors, while making sure your home still looks flawless.

Metal rack

Metal bicycle rack

A good way to get your bike out of the way, is by mounting it on a metal rack on the wall. Metal is strong enough to hold the bike up, while small enough not to be an eye-sore. A nifty trick is to put a hinge on the rack so that when the bike isn’t on it, it can be folded up to be less obtrusive. Add a few hooks onto the rack for your cycling gear, and you’ve got yourself a mini storage unit on your wall.

Wooden shelf

Wooden bicycle shelf

Going back to basics, a wooden bike shelf is always a winner. With space to hang your bike, as well as space on top - ornaments, books or any other items needing display or storage can also be put on this shelf. A classic wooden shelf looks sleek and functions well for more than just storing your bike.

Wall hooks

Hooks on wall for bike

Perhaps the easiest form of storage to set up, wall hooks are an easy way of simply hanging your bike up after a long ride. The trick is to place these somewhere in your home that is tucked away, as well as using hooks that fit in with your décor and don’t look out of place. Wall hooks can be placed higher up on the wall than shelves or racks, as the bike can simply be lifted up to reach them.

Standing rack

Standing bicycle rack

Perfect for garages or entrance ways, a bike rack can hold more than one bicycle of any shape and size, and elevates the bikes off the floor. Bikes can be stored easily against a wall or in the corner of a garage, using a standing rack. It’s a simple metal stand and no mounts are needed, making it easy to set up or move around.

Floating hoist

Hoist for bicycle

Ideal for garages, a floating hoist is mounted to the ceiling and allows bicycles to be stored above ground and completely out of the way. Bikes can be stored horizontally, and easily lifted up using the hoist’s pulley system. The bike is simply clipped in and hoisted up, it’s easy to use and handy being able to tuck all bikes out of sight to save space.

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