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Why would you need an emergency exit at home?

Creating an emergency exit in your home is hardly likely to be at the top of your ‘to do’ list, but it makes sense when you read about disasters that happen to other people. Fire, floods and home invasions are just some of the calamities that may require a hasty exit. Trellidor has some tips on how to construct an easy way out should doors be inaccessible.

  • Pick a room for your emergency exit

If your budget was big enough, you could install burglar proofing that can open up on all windows in your home, providing an emergency exit in every room. For most of us, though, this simply isn’t an option so we have to choose where best to fit this type of burglar guard.

Choose a room that has windows big enough for you to squeeze through with a drop that isn’t too high on the other side. If you have fixed burglar bars in this room, you’ll have to replace these with security barriers that open up for an emergency escape.

  • Choose burglar proofing that can be opened or closed and locked

Trellidor has three different styles of burglar proofing that open. Trellidor Retractable Security trellis-style burglar bars unlock with a single key and slide open along a bottom track, exactly like your sliding security gate; Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are designed to open the same way as your window and has an aluminium frame with a stainless steel mesh insert that you can easily see through; Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters fit any style of window and are activated by a hand-held remote or wall-mounted control, rolling up and out of the way.

  • Make sure everyone knows the emergency home exit drill

Have a practise session using your emergency home exit making sure children that are old enough and their minder are clear on what to do. Emphasise that the emergency window is not there for fun and games, but has a serious purpose.

Watch Trellidor’s emergency home exit video together so you can see how it’s done

More emergency home exit tips:

  • A security gate fitted to your emergency home exit room doorway allows you to lock the gate behind you, giving you time to get out through the window.

  • Store the key to the emergency exit security barrier in that room so that it’s easy to find in a hurry.

  • Fit a panic button in this room or keep a portable one there.

  • Emergency supplies should be kept in this room: a first aid kit; prescription medicines; a battery powered cell phone charger; pepper spray.

  • Put a list of emergency phone numbers on the wall or in a cupboard.

Trellidor designs custom-made emergency home exit window security barriers. To see installations of these products or find your nearest franchise visit their website.

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