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A guest bathroom can easily be transformed into a head-turning space that reflects something unique about you or your home. We’ve got some great ideas on tap.

An ideal place to get stuck into a spot of creativity, a guest bathroom can easily be transformed into a head-turning space that reflects something unique about you or your home. Better still, with few simple touches you can give your guest bathroom (and your guests) 5 star treatment, and for those looking to sell, something extra to entice prospective buyers.

In general, small enough to fix if you don’t like the results, a guest loo is a great space to try out fresh ideas:

  • Start by thinking about the overall effect you’d like to create. Grab the chance to be adventurous and consider using things in your guest loo that are far from conventional – an unusual artwork, an unexpected ornament or rug, a feature item from your travels, a vintage clock, a fabulous photo or painting by one of your children, something that speaks volumes about you or your family.

  • Consider taking your bathroom outdoors in some way – do you have a great view that you could use as a starting point? Could you build in (or enlarge) a dramatic window – even if its shows just a slice of the garden? If it’s a dark room, perhaps a skylight could be added?

  • Consider painting it a bold feature colour, something you perhaps wouldn’t go for in a bigger space. Or consider painting your not-so-awesome bathroom fixtures in something dramatic. Black taps are very much on trend currently – if you balk at buying them, try a lick of paint.

  • As it’s generally a small space, wallpapering your guest loo, or part of it, isn’t too hard on the budget. A striking paper can be the start of a dynamic looking room.

  • Trick a small space big with an oversize mirror. It will add loads of extra light too.

  • Ditch the typical bathroom lights and add something completely different for extra style and drama.

  • Try an old chest of drawers or dressing table instead of a conventional vanity. Sand it down, stain it or paint it up, add some new hardware and you’ll have something unique.

  • Consider the idea of a gallery wall and cover the bathroom ceiling to floor with art. Original artworks are of course always great, but use photos, kids’ art, prints or something of your own to save costs.

  • Swap the hanging towels for small rolled up individual towels stored on a decorative tray or basket. Add a separate basket or bin for guests to throw these into so they can be washed and reused.

  • Treat guests to luxury hand soap and hand cream. Present these in a pretty dish, on a tray or in a unique decanter (buy liquid soap and decant to avoid brand labels spoiling your look).

  • Include a tray of goodies – such as tissues, a scented diffuser, mints, a room spray, or perhaps a fragrance you were gifted that isn’t to your personal taste.

  • Add some greenery with an indoor plant – try a fern, a succulent or garden mint or throw in a few fresh flowers - just a stem or two will do the trick.

  • Stock up on the TP – think an oversize woven basket with an ample supply of toilet paper (your guests will thank you), a tall cylindrical glass vase or an old wooden crate.

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