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As a school with an emphasis on learning, Dowerglen High School has maintained an excellent Matric pass rate for a number of years.

Intent on providing a happy environment to all its learners, Dowerglen High offers relatively small classes overseen by dedicated teachers. Central to the ethos of the school is to educate learners to become responsible adults who can make a relevant impact in their communities and the societies in which they live. This is achieved through the provision of a quality education, where respect and accountability are entrenched.

Parental involvement with teachers aids in the creation of an environment where optimal advantages can be derived from the dedication of Doweglen High’s educators. This is especially the case when learners make their subject choices in Grade 9. It is through this partnership that a caring environment is created.

In addition to this, thorough life skills education, leadership opportunities and guidance help learners to work at their best to become mature, conscientious individuals who are ready for the rigours of the world. With a balanced, positive outlook and all of the skills to think and learn independently, Dowerglen is proud of the calibre of matriculants produced each year.

Dowerglen High School strives to upgrade its facilities and offerings in keeping with the needs of its learners. The cultural and sporting programme is relatively small, but plays an important role in the attainment of the school’s goals; enhancing the lessons that take place in the classroom. Soccer and Netball, as well as Chess and Dramatic Arts are popular amongst the student body, and participation is encouraged by the school for the excellent benefits inherent in their involvement.

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