Feng Shui colours for your home

Feng Shui colours for your home

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Feng Shui (meaning wind and water) is the ancient art of creating positive energy flow, called ch'i, in the home or office. By introducing the principles of feng shui, it is believed we can create a better quality of life through improved health and general happiness.

There is a close relationship with colours and feng shui, it is believed the more vibrant the colours in your home, the more energy will flow. Balance and harmony can be brought into the home using the principles of the five elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Each feng shui element relates to one or more colours.

Colours: Blue and Black
Water is a symbol of abundance and believed to attract wealth and prosperity. It is linked to career opportunities and our path in life. If you feel your life is heading nowhere, it is believed the addition of blue will get it flowing again.

Blue: Refreshes and calms the mind. It is associated with peace, trust, and loyalty. Blue supports inner reflection, knowledge and creativity.

Black: Associated with power and strength. Black promotes self confidence and independence.

Colour: Green
Wood is an important part of the natural world representing renewal, vitality and stability. It represents what you have in life both materially and spiritually.

Green is a balancing and calming colour that connects us with nature. It is a great emotional healer, and stress reliever. It is linked to compassion, prevents conflict and encourages sharing.

Green is a good colour to use in rooms where you want to relax - bedrooms and living rooms, for example. Sage greens are relaxing while refreshing shades of green are more energizing. The muddier and dull tones are less positive.

Colours: Red, Purple, Pink, Strong Yellow and Orange
Fire is the element of energy, passion and power. Using red in your home will add energy and boost the flow of chi. While this can be motivating and energizing, red can also be overpowering and lead to irritability.
Use red in small doses in spaces you need to inject some energy, or opt for slightly less intense terracotta or pink.

Colours: Yellow and Beige
In feng shui the element Earth is associated with stability, crops and harvest as well as protection.

The colour of the sun, yellow is cheerful and uplifting, it has the ability to lift our spirits and stimulate the intellect.

Beige and browns
Natural colours ground and stabilize, they provide a sense of security.

Colours: White, Grey and any metallic's.

The metal element has a grounding strength that promotes feelings of consistency and reliability. It is associated with the flow of money and our achievements.

A pure, protective colour that gives us space to grow and develop. It is believed to open the mind to creativity and new possibilities.

Silver strengthens metal energy.

Gold relates to abundance and can inspire and revitalize.

Feng shui is all about balance and harmony, it is important to note tha you should only use colours you like and are drawn to. Surrounding yourself with colours you don't like is not good feng shui.

For more information on Colour therapy and Feng Shui see Boosting Health Wealth and Happiness with Colour


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