Grantham Park Primary School – Serve and Strive

Grantham Park Primary School – Serve and Strive

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Grantham Park Primary School is an English medium, family school in Empangeni along the Kwa-Zulu Natal coastline.

As a multi cultural school, Grantham Park has struck a careful balance to ensure that all learners at the school operate within an intimate sense of community. The large grounds are designed to create a haven of safety and enthusiasm for learning, yet learners mingle to create a strong family environment. The individual needs and talents of every learner is identified and given focus by caring educators. The Institutional Guidance Team at the school is a well-trained, highly-skilled team offering counselling and guidance to cover all the needs learners may encounter during their primary school years.

The programme at Grantham Park Primary School is focused on the development of a balanced maturity. This covers the academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual elements of learners’ school lives, and Grantham Park strives to create an environment that enriches them in all of these spheres.

The media and computer centre are well-equipped, and provide valuable resources to learners and educators. The school endeavours to provide modern resources at every opportunity to the benefit of the students. In the classroom, teachers keep abreast with the latest teaching trends and methods. It is a fundamental part of the school’s ethos that the individual learner is given the guidance, supervision and encouragement to reach his/her full potential. This denotes a sufficient amount of individual attention during class time, allowing for potential and talent to be identified and challenges to overcome.

The sports programme at Grantham Park Primary School is viewed as being important for the physical and intellectual development of learners. Ball skills are taught from Grade 1, and have on-going importance throughout the learners’ primary school years. The school boasts a number of sporting facilities and a range of sports for learners to enjoy. In addition to this, private tuition is offered in some extra sports and extra-mural activities.

The cultural life at the school is equally rich and offers countless opportunities for personality development and confidence through achievement. These activities include Visual and Dramatic Art, the school’s Christian society, Scouts, Choir, Chess and Scholar Patrol. As a result of the cultural programme, Grantham Park is active in terms of performance and learners are given many opportunities to showcase their talent. Cumulatively, the school develops young people who can serve their communities.

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