His or hers? How to create the perfect look in the master bedroom

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Put your differences to bed with the help of this handy guide to decorating your master bedroom.

One of the biggest problems faced when it comes to decorating a main bedroom is sex. No, we're not speaking about what goes on between the sheets, we're discussing the fact that, generally speaking, the room is occupied by both a male and a female.

Men generally don’t like to be ambushed by a tsunami of pink when they retire for the night and woman don't usually feel that comfortable in a masculine oasis.

It's not the only issue at hand. Unfortunately, master bedrooms tend to be the most neglected room in the home. You don't entertain there and no one but you and the family get to see inside. This, however, does not mean that the room should be sidelined while other, more public rooms get a makeover. Creating the perfect space for you and your partner will pay off and while there is no scientific evidence to back it up, most people will admit that they sleep better in a beautiful room.

5 tips for creating the perfect master bedroom design

1) Neutral colours work wonders. They not only bring a certain calm to a room, but they act as the perfect backdrop for accessories.

2) Try to stick to white linen. Interestingly, the Huffington Post once polled all of its editors asking about their best hotel experience. They found that all blissful hotel experiences had one thing in common - yep, you've guessed it; all of the rooms had white linen.

White bedding may not be practical (my four dogs completely wrecked any aspirations I may have had in this regard), but apart from looking beautiful it adds a certain luxury to the room which, if the experts are correct, aids a good night's sleep.

3) Of course no one in going to get a good night's sleep (regardless of how classy the bed looks) if they don't have the right bed. This is fairly easy to solve; buy the best bed you can afford. Sick and tired of feeling like an Olympic trampolinist every time your partner rolls over? Then buy a pocket coil or an individually-wrapped coil mattress. On the other hand those who struggle with back pain could consider a memory foam option. This type of bed won't only prevent you getting seasick, it will add support by eliminating pressure points when you sleep.

4) When it comes to master bedroom design or decorating, the space can be a healthy mix of feminine and masculine features. One clever idea is to avoid matching side tables. He can go for the more traditional look while she could choose to have a table draped with a pretty cloth. Another way of softening a more masculine look is by placing candles and flowers around the room. An abundance of pillows (you can never have too many) will soften the look without making the room appear too feminine.

5) As with any decorating project, part of the fun is shopping for the right look. Although some men may proclaim that they would rather stick pins in their eyes than go shopping for bedroom accessories, who knows, the experience may turn out more pleasant than they think and having their input could help ensure that you both get a good night's sleep.

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