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How to boost your home’s kerb appeal

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Sarah-Jane Meyer |
How to boost your home’s kerb appeal

When it comes to selling your property, the exterior is a preview of what’s to come when potential buyers enter your home. For a free-standing house, this includes the sidewalk, driveway, front gate, garden, and roof. For a townhouse or flat, the complex is the first impression viewers get before they reach your front door.

So, once you have given your house a lick of paint, patched all the obvious signs of wear and tear, and tidied the garden, a little more effort is still required if you are hoping for a quick sale at a good price - especially during an economic downturn.

Getting buyers to have a positive first impression of your home is critical in achieving your goal.

Critical examination

To decide what needs to be upgraded, you must see your home through the eyes of a buyer. Look at the entire property as you did when you initially bought it.

Take note of items that catch your attention and need repairing, replacing, or cleaning.

  • Ensure the garden is neat and weed-free, as this will be an immediate attraction.

  • Remember the roof. Does it need a good cleaning, painting or perhaps replacement?

  • Look at your window coverings from outside. If possible, try to keep a uniform look throughout.

  • Do wooden window- and door frames need to be varnished?

  • Painting the front door, trimming and shutters is a great way to spruce up the entrance to your home.


Once you are sure your property is ready to receive visitors, it’s time to pull out your camera.

Nowadays, kerb appeal needs to start online, where most home buyers begin the search process. Good photos are therefore an essential marketing tool.

  • For the most flattering shots, avoid the middle of the day when bright sunlight creates glare. This gives photos a ‘washed-out’ look.

  • Early morning or sunset are usually good times to take photos.

Viewing days

Homes that are brighter inside sell more easily. When viewers are expected, open up the shutters, curtains, and blinds. Open curtains look more attractive from the street and give a spacious feel.

  • Switch on lights before sunset, or if the sky is overcast.

  • Spruce up your patio with some colourful flower pots for an instant lift.

  • Pack away children’s toys, garden hoses, and other garden paraphernalia.

Professional help

Kerb appeal is a collection of factors that attracts you to a property at first sight. It is a combination of visual charm, good upkeep, and attention to detail – all of these are factors that will assist in your home sale.

Some items are difficult and more costly to upgrade, so it is worth asking your agent for advice about inexpensive quick fixes and current trends before making unnecessary changes.

Weigh up the cost of investment against the potential returns. If it is likely to increase the sale price by a few thousand rands more than what you are planning to spend, then it’s worth the time and effort.

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