How to create the perfect kid's room

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The perfect children's room involves much more than just finding the correct duvet cover and curtains. Here are some tips to for decorating kids bedrooms.

Children's rooms have changed dramatically in recent years. For starters the choice of themed bed linen has become far more extensive and these days it's pretty easy to find something that your child will love. The perfect children's room however involves much more than just finding the correct duvet cover and curtains. This room is your child's haven from the world; it's not only a place to sleep - it could be a pirate ship one moment and a mediaeval castle the next, home to a fairy princess one day and the backdrop to a fancy tea party on another.

The choice of furniture for children's rooms is vast, but that doesn't mean all the items available are safe or robust enough to survive boisterous play. Children are naturally rough and have an uncanny ability to damage things, even if unintentionally. For this reason it's important to buy furniture that not only looks the part, but will be sturdy enough to be jumped on and still survive.

Children love to be involved in choosing the theme of the room and it may be an idea to consult the smallest people in the home to ascertain what type of bedroom they would enjoy.

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect spot for your little one:

  • Work out a budget and stick to it. Designer furniture is always going to more expensive, but just because you can't afford to pay top dollar doesn't mean that the overall look of the room needs to be compromised. For example, buying unvarnished wooden furniture and completing the finishing touches at home may be an option if the budget is tight.

  • Paint the walls with washable paint - grubby finger marks and works of art lovingly painted on the walls will destroy the overall look of any room.

  • Avoid cluttering the room with excess furniture and large toys. In other words, try to keep things as simple as possible and make sure that there is enough room to play.

  • Ensure there is enough storage space in the room. This can become tricky if more than one child is sharing the room or if the room is on the small side. Bunk beds that incorporate storage areas into the design are often a wonderful way to overcome this problem. Toy boxes are ideal for larger rooms. They not only keep the room shipshape, they encourage children to tidy up.

  • Make the room as interesting as possible. Children love drawing and an area of wall painted with blackboard paint can provide hours of fun. Plastic tables and chairs also work well in young children's rooms.

  • Those who want to encourage their child to read should consider installing a bookshelf and loading it with a wide assortment of books.

  • Although many parents prefer their children to complete homework in a public area of the home, there are those who encourage their children to be independent by allowing them to work alone in their rooms. In these circumstances it's advisable to provide a dedicated desk or computer station with all the necessary plug and network points.

Decorating a child's room can be a lot of fun and although there are some amazing decor ideas out there, no parent should feel disappointed if they can't afford to furnish the room with a racing car bed or a pumpkin carriage design. Children have wonderful imaginations and a simple pine bed can be transformed into a space shuttle or a castle by the addition of a couple of bed sheets.

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