How to decorate your rental without compromising your deposit

How to decorate your rental without compromising your deposit

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Decorating a rental is often considered as one of the easiest ways to lose your rental deposit. However, it is possible to make a rental suitable for your taste and requirements without making permanent changes that would cause you to lose your deposit.

Here are 5 tips on how to decorate a rental:

1. Speak to your landlord

The first thing you should do when considering making changes to your living space is to contact your landlord. Ask them about the limitations you have and be sure to look over your lease to be sure on what changes you can and can’t make. It’s always better to be certain about what you can and can’t do before setting out to make your space your own.

2. Hang art and pictures up without nails

Spruce up your rental with art and sentimental pictures. Hanging up art and pictures can be problematic because most landlords do not want their walls to be hammered or drilled into. There are, however, alternatives to hammering or drilling into walls in order to hang up art and pictures. You can opt for double-sided tape, mounting tape, or wall hooks that you simply push into your sheetrock without making any damages to the wall.

3. Add some colour to your home

Living in a rental doesn’t mean you can’t make your space feel like home. One way to make your rental feel more comfortable is to add colours that evoke a sense of wellbeing and peace. Scientific findings show that certain colours have certain effects on our moods. For instance, red is scientifically proven to increase your heart rate, metabolism and can also stimulate anger, passion or feelings of love.

Colours like blue and green on the other hand are more calming. You can colour coordinate your rental according to the various rooms you have. For example, you may add a red rug in your home office or workspace to stimulate creativity while you’re working and maybe you can add a blue duvet cover in your bedroom to stimulate feelings of peace and tranquility. This is an easy way to decorate your rental without losing your security deposit.

4. Texture matters too

A great way to decorate your rental is to add different textures to it. This can be done by adding plants to your home, adding a rug and adding various patterns to certain parts of your home. Adding kilim pillows, throws, sheepskin and animal hide is also a way to increase vibrance in your rental.

5. Add removable decal and wallpaper

Decal and wallpaper can help you upgrade your home’s aesthetic in a non-permanent way. They are a fun way to level up your aesthetic and to bring your home’s decor together. You can opt for decal with bold words or a floral wallpaper to give your space a mature, but simultaneously lively feel.

Decorating a rental can seem challenging due to restrictions given by your landlord as well as those listed in the lease, however, it’s possible to make a rental feel like home without having to compromise your safety deposit.

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