Interior design trends to look out for in 2016

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Thandie Sibanda

Here are 10 trends to look out for in 2016 which will both excite and inspire.

2015 has been an exciting year for trends, design and product evolution. Interiors got smarter, became more exciting, increased in sustainability and became more aesthetically pleasing overall. Next year however, will be an even better year for interior design.


Not just as quartz countertops and tabletops that have been a part of interior design for a few years now. Coloured natural minerals in the form of rough agate, quartz, crystals and many others are destined to be an intrinsic part of interior design. These minerals will be used as both interior accessories and functional pieces. Accessories will be in the form of place holders and ornamentation to name a few. Functional interior applications will be through furniture handles, wall cladding/tiles.

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Why choose one when you can have variety? 2016 will see the evolution of more colour trends. This time bold and pastel colours are set to mix to evoke a sense of excitement, edginess, variety, yet creating a beautiful balance. Bold and pastel colours will also be juxtaposed to create texture and/or pattern motifs on feature walls in interior spaces.

Other colour trends are:

Bright/provocative colours – the brightest colours you can find paired with white or black soft organic colours – olive, soft deep blue, rust, grey, browns warm classics colours – taupe, cream, warm white classic luxury colours – navy, soft coral, warm yellow, greens, cream


Originating from Moroccan traditional patterns and tile forms that have been a huge contemporary design staple for the last few years, design is taking this love for geometry further. Now instead of geometry only being specific to shape; geometric forms will be found in the form of printed or engraved patterns and motifs on elements such as tiles. Other places where geometric forms will be found is on bedding, wallpaper, furniture, upholstery, tapestry and more.

Outside In

With the rising trend of living sustainably and green, interior design is making it literal; the outdoors are coming in and in a big way. Plants, planters and miniature gardens are finding their way into every space in your home. Any form of plants from flowers, succulents, foliage and/or dry plants will do the perfect job. Even outdoor furniture is making its interior debut. Outdoor furniture such as benches, contemporary camp chairs formed furniture and more are set to invade interiors.


Metals that left with the art deco era are making a comeback and some have transformed the industrial revolution into something sexy. Mixing warm metals such copper, gold, rose gold with cool metals such as silver is the ultimate interior trend statement. Metalllics will be found in many accessories, fittings and fixtures around your interior spaces. Metallics aren’t only limited to accessories, metallic finished furniture such as stools, tables onwards are set to trend in 2016. Smoked mirrors which will give a metallic finish will also make their appearance. As this is a strong statement, use moderately or this trend can be toned down with the use of white, grey or black main special items or installments.

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With the Metallics trend, another Art Deco origin that is making a comeback is velvet. Trends in 2016 are leaning towards fun, some are simply leaning towards elegance and some are simply incorporating the eclectic mix of both. What direction one chooses, velvet will have to make an appearance, especially if metallics and bold colours are the chosen interior trends of choice.

Handmade Goods

With the search and desire to create exciting interiors, artisan interior applications are on the rise. Organic and unique products are a means of moving away from mass produced products. The new idea spaces that is more unique and personalized.


Scandinavian furniture has been trending for a few years now. Next year however, like many other vintage styles, the rise of Georgian furniture is set to hit 2016. Whether it be frames or furniture, this trend is key to making any contemporary interior glamorous.

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Statement lights

Yet again Art Deco is the key to this trend. Overseas, the Sunburst chandelier is the most sought after trend item which will complete any respectable trend setting interior in 2016. Other already visible trend items are geometric wire styled light fittings and fixtures.

Contemporary Vintage

With the move from mass production that created cloned or impersonal interiors, now there is a place for your beloved antique items. Vintage items are being incorporated into contemporary interiors. This eclectic mix of old and new allows that there is something for everyone with regards to contemporary interior design.

Though not officially mentioned, sustainability is still a trend that will remain dominant in 2016. Whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever your preference; there is something for everyone in 2016. One thing that is evident, is that 2016 is the year that Art Deco makes its official re-appearance.

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