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The former industrial zone of Kramerville has transformed itself into a major interior design hub in Gauteng.

Once a fairly non-descript industrial zone on the outskirts of Sandton, Kramerville has slowly but surely drawn interior designers into the fold. Today, it is a veritable interior design hub.

According to Justin Vickers, MD of J-V-B Furniture Collection, Kramerville’s location has a lot to do with its success. Notes Vickers: “Kramerville lies just three kilometres from Sandton, is easily accessible and features the right kind of properties necessary to set up large interior design stores and décor showrooms. As such, it was the natural choice for many interior designers who wanted to tap into the nearby affluent market.

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Over time, more and more designers and décor outlets set up shop in the area, the upshot of which is that Kramerville now plays host to a wide range of leading local and international fabric houses, furniture and bathroom showrooms all of which showcase an eclectic range of designs and styles. The area has effectively become a one-stop décor and interior design shop for clients and decorators alike which is largely why we chose to set up our own showroom in the area in 2009.

J-V-B Furniture Collection opened with the “single-minded goal of helping South Africans create a timeless sense of occasion in their day-to-day living.” The collection is curated by Vickers and his long-time mentor James Smith. J-V-B specialises in “sophisticated” locally crafted furniture, each piece of which should, in its own way, “inspire the space it lives in.”

In terms of Kramerville’s growth path, Vickers believes there will be consistent growth over the next five years with much of the development already planned and underway.

Trend-wise, Vickers says “loud pops of colour and muted stripes” are very much in vogue at the moment. He adds that J-V-B doesn’t let trends dictate the way the company does things though. Rather, J-V-B prefers to select beautiful pieces which resonate with their owners and make homes look good.

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Darren Postan, managing director and owner of Casarredo and Chad Enslin who heads up Design and Décor Lab’s (DDL) Marketing and HR department moved to Kramerville for similar reasons to that of Vickers.

Says Postan:

The combination of easy access from the highway and the fact that all fabric houses and most furniture and décor retailers are situated within walking distance makes Kramerville the ideal place to be.

Enslin explains that Kramerville appealed to the company because many of the resident fabric houses and furniture stores supply their goods directly to the area’s interior decorators. He adds that the concentration of suppliers makes Kramerville a great destination to take customers and show them around.

Darren and his brother Lance Postan, Casarredo’s HR Director are no strangers to the world of décor and interior design. In 2009, the pair shifted their focus to the northern suburbs where they began to earn a reputation for their Italian pieces. The company has since moved to a new, custom built showroom in Kramerville which better showcases the company’s products and full house suite of interior design services.

DDL was established in 2012. According to Enslin, DDL aims to create luxurious rooms and takes pride in manufacturing unique, custom items, thereby offering homeowners more variety and choice. The company specialises in residential, corporate and hospitality interior design.

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Both Postan and Enslin also believe that Kramerville will continue to grow and attract interior designers and decorators. Indeed, Postan explains that he is aware of property developers purchasing buildings in the area with the express purpose of renovating them into showrooms.

In terms of trends Postan says that buyers are becoming more selective and are far more aware of what constitutes a quality finish. He adds that despite the economic downturn, buyers are prepared to pay extra for quality items as they have learned that cheaper items typically don’t last.

In a nutshell, it would appear that Kramerville has all the right ingredients in place to not only enhance, but to cement its reputation as Johannesburg’s interior design hub for many years to come.

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