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Space-creating hacks that will change the way you use your home by maximising every room to its fullest.

Most homes, no matter how big or small, need more space. Many people want to create space to make their home feel more open and inviting, but kids and pets have a sneaky habit of making a home become cluttered. Here are a few useful ways to make the most of your space, without having to break the bank on a home renovation.  

  • Built-in shelving

Shelves that are built-in can work wonders when it comes to creating space. Not only do they sit flush against the wall, but they save you having to use a chunky cupboard which takes up a lot of space. Built-in shelves can be floating, to make a design statement, and be used to display items in a modern way.

  • Master the art of clever ways to store items

For bedrooms - ottomans and coffee tables that double as storage for books, games or electronics, go a long way to looking great and increasing space. In children’s bedrooms, rotating toys is a great way to put a lot of toys in storage and have a few of the most used ones available at one time. Make sure your bathroom has enough storage space with open shelving, baskets under the sink or behind the door. A shoe organiser can do wonders for saving space as jewellery, scarves, belts and other items can be stored in it.

  • Time to tackle the garage

Garages often turn into a dumping ground for unused items that homeowners can’t part with. However, if you’re serious about making space, it’s time to get rid of anything that isn’t needed in your garage. The next step is to store things in a clever way, like using hooks on the ceiling for bicycles, plastic containers up against the walls and a rack in the corner. If you’ve cleared your garage out and made extra room, you can probably store some items from inside the house in the garage.

  • Divide rooms up

If you have a room that can be split up, you can make it a multipurpose room by adding a divider. A bookcase is a great item to use to divide a room and create extra storage space. A bookcase (or other space-creating dividers) can be used with baskets inside it, to make things neat and tidy. Not only can a divider be used to store items, but also to display any collectables.

  • Clean and get rid of unused items

Ask yourself “Have I used this within the last 6 months?" - if the answer is yes then you should probably keep the item, if the answer is no, then the item can most likely be gotten rid of. The types of items you’d need to sort through would be; kids’ toys, collectables, paperwork, old electronics. The best idea is to keep only what is absolutely necessary and work on minimising your life.

  • Open up your entryway

Make sure that your entryway is spacious and functional. Use a bench and hooks for storage, instead of a big cupboard, to save on space. If you need more storage space, tuck baskets underneath the bench and keep shoes in these. A large mirror is great for an entryway, to make the space feel bigger and more open.

Creating space isn’t too difficult, but it does require some tough choices. Be strict with yourself on which items you really need and which you don’t, and in the end, it will pay off. The result will be a more open and inviting home to live in.    

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