Paint colour tips to consider when selling your home

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Getting your home ready to sell may seem like a daunting task, but the time taken and return on investment has been proven to be well worth the cost.

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is the most economical way to make your home look fresh and up-to-date. While it's no secret most estate agents will tell you painting your home a neutral colour will appeal to most buyers, here are some paint colour tips to consider when selling your home.

The exterior colours

The first thing the buyer sees is the colour of the outside of your home. It creates the first impression, so it is important you pay particular attention to the exterior and entrance of your home.

Source: Spaces magazine Spaces magazine

Your exterior paint colour should do the following:

  • Complement the other homes in the neighbourhood.

  • Reflect the character of the architecture. Highlight architectural features you want to stand out with white or an accent colour. Hide features like drainpipes by painting them the same colour as the house.

  • Blend in with the environment - take note of the colours of the landscape. Inspiration can be found in the colour of the sand, stones, shrubs and trees in the area.

  • Sandy hues are comforting and warm. Greys are contemporary and solid looking. Greens connect to nature.

  • Keep a paint colour chart/brochure in your car. If you see something you like in the neighbourhood, find the closest colour match on the brochure you have.

  • Lighter colours and off whites will make a home look bigger.

  • Painting a big house on a small property a darker colour will make it more proportional to the size of the property.

  • Paint and fix any palisade fencing if it needs it.

  • Garden pots can look like new if given a fresh coat of paint.

Interior Colours.

Colour is very personal. Bright yellow may make you happy, but it might put off a potential buyer who is distracted by the colour. Neutrals have much broader appeal and they never go out of fashion.

Source: Plascon 2017 Colour Forecast Plascon 2017 Colour Forecast

  • White can look cold and clinical. Off whites remove any glare and are a softer look for interiors.

  • Neutral colours are non distracting and considered more friendly than white, a great background colour allowing the potential buyer to imagine their own furnishings in the space. Neutral colours don't need to be boring

  • Earthy tones, like sand, create a warm welcoming feel. They are soothing and relaxing and work well with most other colours. They also add warmth and balance rooms with lots of stone, metal or glass.

  • Dark shades can add mood and atmosphere to smaller rooms that are small and dark anyway.

  • Ceilings and skirtings painted white frame the wall. If you would like the wall to appear higher then paint the skirting the same colour as the wall.

  • Adding plants and green to your home will link it to nature, very on trend right now.

  • Get the colours right and it can increase the value of your home. See more on how to find the perfect paint colour here

Source: Plascon 2017 Colour Forecast Plascon 2017 Colour Forecast

If you are thinking of selling your home, here is some more important advice on getting your home ready to sell.

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