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Eleanor Douglas-Meyers

Schoenmakerskop is a charming seaside village within easy reach of a bustling metro.

This picturesque village, with its stunning coves, rock pools and tranquil picnic spots is a well-known stop off for travellers and holiday-makers. The beaches are isolated and tranquil, and the rock pools are teeming with marine life. Schools of dolphins are also frequently seen in the area.

Despite the holiday feel of the area, it is just a short drive away from the city where most residents work and shop.

This characterful Bay village is believed to have been named after Volcker Schoemaker, a Dutch soldier who settled in the Eastern Cape.

The area is said to be one of the prettiest in Port Elizabeth, thanks largely to its seaside scenery and also the coastal fynbos stretching all along the coast. Both lend themselves to a great time outdoors with the popular Sacramento Trail, which starts at the historic cannon in Schoenmakerskop, a particular attraction.

Schoenies, as it is affectionately known, is made up of a variety of homes ranging from impressive mansions to quaint cottages. Some homes go back to the early days of the village while others are sleek and contemporary.

Hiking and fishing are popular pastimes in the area, as is photography. There are a few social media profiles dedicated to the area, such as Friends of Schoenmakerskop on Facebook, which highlights the beauty of the area on a daily basis.

Pictures of sunsets on the beach and walks along the Sacramento Trail are of the most popular on social media. The bronze cannon at the start of the trail points towards the wreck site of Portuguese galleon, the Sacramento, which foundered here on 30 June 1647.

There is something special about the place; something that keeps you there even with howling wind. Something beautiful and special.

Luc Hosten, resident.

Top schools nearby:

  • DF Malherbe High School
  • Theodor Herzl High School
  • Mount Pleasant Primary School
  • Charlo Primary School
  • St Dominic’s Priory School

Things to do:

  • Head for Schoenmakerskop Beach and gullies offering sheltered bathing.
  • Explore the Sacramento Trail with its fantastic coastal fynbos.
  • Enjoy breakfast or lunch at popular Sacramento restaurant.
  • Marvel over the cannon that overlooks historic wreck the Sacramento

Top shopping destinations:

  • Walmer Park Shopping Centre
  • Moffett on Main
  • Kings Court
  • 17th Quarter Shopping Centre

This article originally appeared in Neighbourhood, Sunday Times.

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