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A beautiful en-suite gives your home a touch of class. Try these quick tricks that will add instant luxury without breaking the bank.

There’s no getting away from the sense of luxury and indulgence that a beautiful en-suite bathroom can give. It can also however be a highly personal zone, where one man’s taste is another’s poison. This being the case, there’s always debate about whether or not to upgrade a bathroom before putting a home on the market, and in general, because tastes can range so widely, agents tend to advise against costly renovations to bathrooms unless they are in a particularly bad state.

The good news is that there are many quick tricks that can add instant luxury to an en-suite that will certainly help a sale (and your own enjoyment of the space) without breaking the bank.

• A lick of paint can go a long way towards freshening up a bathroom. Choose a paint that is able to handle the moisture levels and easy to wipe clean. Semi-gloss or gloss paints with a mould inhibitor are good.

• A large mirror can add heaps of light and a sense of luxury, besides being useful. Consider a retractable mirror too - practical for shaving and make up application – it can also be fitted into a tight spot. Think of propping a mirror up against the side or end of a bath for a heightened sense of space or fitting one inside a shower – double sided tape does the trick.

• Help your bathroom appear spacious and inviting with a pristine, uncluttered layout. Utilise clever or hidden storage such as recessed niches, mirror fronted cabinets, wire racks inside doors, a drawer or basket for a hair drier, an organiser in a drawer for cosmetics, or a repurposed bedside table for toiletries and small towels.

• Treat accessories and cosmetics as a work of art. A beautifully grouped selection of perfume bottles or an array of towels on an open shelf adds colour and interest. Decant cosmetics and wash products into containers that enhance the look.

• Ensure adequate ventilation with open windows, and functional window dressings.

• Indulge in good quality towels and bathmats and add some essential oils to keep the room smelling good.

• Proper lighting is relatively affordable – spotlights around the vanity make great sense, a dimmer switch on the main light adds ambience, and a feature fitting such as a chandelier or something very modern can instantly transform a bathroom.

• Update handles and knobs - we get so used to the knobs and handles we use every day that we hardly notice them – but newcomers do.

Not selling? Then you need no excuse to create a designer bathroom. Keep these pointers in mind:

• The essentials include a good-sized shower or bath, good water pressure, adequate storage and good sanitary ware and finishes.

• If you’re anywhere where winters are chilly, one of the best ways of increasing comfort in your bathroom is by adding heated flooring.

• A heated towel rail, even if you live in year-round humidity, keeps towels dry and mould free.

• Adding technology such as a hidden television, a Bluetooth-enabled tub, hidden cabinet speakers, and programmable shower settings can make for the ultimate dream master bathroom.

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