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A beautiful and well-designed guest bedroom will make your guests feel special and welcome and there is something really satisfying about creating an inviting, cosy space for visitors.

When you start planning your guest bedroom think about what you like and need when you stay in a comfortable hotel room. A touch of colour, texture in the furnishings and some home comforts like a comfortable bed, lovely bedding, a reading light and some storage space will make the room a space where guests will be happy to spend time in.

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Here are some ideas to spruce up your guest bedroom and make your visitors feel especially welcome.

Create a Great First Impression

You want to create an inviting space, so be sure to remove any clutter and storage boxes. This is an opportunity to give away things you don't need any more. Add some glamour with colour - a bold feature wall, interesting wall paper or artwork, a colourful rug and perhaps some flowers. For more on colourful ideas see Bedroom Before and After Colour.

A Comfortable Bed

Whether it is for you or your guests, always buy the best quality bed you can afford. There is nothing worse than sleeping on a saggy mattress and waking up with aches and pains. If you cannot afford a new mattress then consider getting a quality air mattress, there are some really good ones available nowadays that are quite comfortable.

Beautiful Linen

Keep the colours of the sheets white, or light shades, as not everyone is able to sleep on colourful sheets. Add colour, texture and luxury by layering the bed linen with cushions and a throw or cosy comforter. Two fresh pillows for each guest is ideal. Don't forget fresh towels which can be put on the bed or in the guest bathroom if there is one.

Bedside Table

A bedside table with an elegant reading lamp will be greatly appreciated. It's not necessary to buy new, you can up cycle and give new life to an old bedside table by painting it and adding new handles. Provide some magazines or books for the guests to read before they go to sleep. A plug point with an adaptor is also helpful for guests to charge their phones or laptops.

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Empty out some shelves and hanging space for your guests and remember to add at least six clothes hangers.

Dressing Table and Desk

A small table with a chair where a guest can do their makeup and/or some work is a thoughtful addition. Consider a place where you can put down a suitcase to spare your guests having to bend down to get items in it, even a chair will do.

Provide Privacy

It is always a good idea to have window treatments on the windows in the guest room. You may not be able to see in from the outside, but guests will feel more comfortable having the flexibility of closing the window treatments or not. Window treatments need not be expensive or ornate, something simple, like a blind is perfect.

Special Treats

Flowers add a special touch to a room, you can also add a few snacks for your guest to enjoy. If space allows, a kettle with tea and coffee is a special luxury.

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