Sprucing up your home on a budget

Sprucing up your home on a budget

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Veronica Logan

For many of us, constantly redecorating or renovating our homes is a reality we can only dream of. The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune when it comes to giving your home an upgrade or a fresh new look!

These six easy and inexpensive “home pick-me-ups” can help add a new and posh look to any space and are proof that creating a home that looks like it belongs in a décor magazine can be done without breaking the bank!

1. Declutter and minimise

A good place to start when going for that “luxury look” for less is declutter, declutter, declutter (see our article on decluttering tips from Marie Kondo). Most well-appointed homes boast a clean and spacious feel. By removing any of your excess junk or unused household items, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a similar space. Once you’re done, look at ways to simplify or cut down on what you do have, in keeping with a minimalistic approach. For example, consider if you really need everything that’s on display in your lounge or if your dining room needs a table, chairs, as well as a buffet table and a server. Not only will having just the essential items in a space make it look more luxurious, but you could also earn yourself some money by selling what you don’t need.

Check out our article on The Art of Minimalist Living for more tips on how to practice living a minimalistic lifestyle.

2. Re-dress your windows

High ceilings are synonymous with style when it comes to a home, so if you aren’t able to “raise the roof”, consider re-looking how your windows are dressed. This is often an underrated and overlooked décor opportunity and by simply adding fabric to any existing panels or curtains, you can achieve the illusion of a stylish high ceiling without doing much else. Similarly, blinds aren’t the prettiest when it comes to window dressings, so consider hanging a curtain rod above the window frame (again to achieve the illusion of a high ceiling) and purchasing some decent quality curtains – especially those that offer a pop of colour.

3. Make your own art

There are a lot of nifty tricks out there on creating your own home art and bringing a sense of elegance to a space. For example, rather than throwing out old or broken jewellery, simply stick a magnet onto the back and turn them into stylish fridge magnets. Another fun and on-trend DIY art project to consider is purchasing a blank canvas and decorating it with gold and/or silver thumbtacks in any shapes or patterns you like. This is a quick and super simple way to bring a breath of fresh air (and class) into any space.

4. Consider crown mouldings

Crown mouldings are a great way of raising the “aesthetic bar” of a room without costing a fortune. Crown mouldings do wonders in hiding the join between your wall and ceiling and definitely adds to the premium quality of a room’s look and feel. These look particularly classy when placed above a simple window frame and will go a long way to bringing a greater sense of elegance to your window dressings. Crown mouldings are also particularly attractive if painted a different colour to the walls and ceiling so be sure to consider this as an option for further stand out.

5. Paint your floor

Revamping the floors makes a huge difference to any space but more often than not, costs a small fortune. Nowadays, however, a good coat of paint could do the trick at half the cost.

Be sure to specifically purchase floor paint instead of regular wall paint as this paint is a lot hardier and more geared to be walked on. If you really want to spruce things up, get creative with tape and try painting patterns such as stripes, squares or diamonds to give your floor a unique and modern look. Choice of colour is also something to strongly consider as this too does wonders to refresh a space.

6. Paint your appliances metallic

Stainless steel appliances always tend to give a kitchen an expensive look so if you aren’t able to buy new appliances, get some metallic paint and get to work painting things like your refrigerator door, handles and sides (especially if they’re white). Most hardware stores sell paint that imitates the finish of stainless steel, otherwise you can also get creative and choose another metallic paint that’s a little more on trend (such as copper and brass). Brightly coloured fridges are always trendy so don’t be shy when deciding what look will best suit your kitchen.

The are many other cheaper and creative ways to make your home look like it’s been given a stylish new lease on life, such as painting cheap antiques white or incorporating fresh flowers and even fruit into your décor. All it takes is a little out of the box thinking for you to “fake the fanciness” without looking cheap or spending a fortune.


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