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Want to keep your home looking fresh and on trend? Say hello to these 5 interior design must-knows for the coming year.

While not all of us want to bow to trends as sizzling as a good South African summer’s day, it’s always wise to keep a tab on what’s in and out and hot or not. Besides keeping one’s home looking fresh and appealing, what’s on trend (and what to avoid) can add huge value when renovating, revamping and selling. That said, here are five 2017 must-knows.

1. Greenery

Named Pantone’s Colour of Year for 2017, Greenery brings a fresh and revitalising shade to interiors and, chosen to signal refreshment and revitalization is something we could all use! Taking the place of navy and midnight blues, greenery is a versatile, trans-seasonal shade that lends itself to many color combinations. Pair with neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels, metallics for palettes that easily work in décor and fashion applications. For more dramatic areas, darker green shades add depth and mood, linking in colour from outdoors and pairing beautifully with tans, leathers, furs, brass lamps and natural linen.

2. Terracotta

Terracotta is on its way back and terracotta tiles (along with similar other warm materials) will replace the currently popular cool and white tones. They won’t be the tangy orange clay of old though, but following the trend of reclaimed wood, the rich creams and pale pinks of antique “reclaimed rose terracotta” will be all the rage. Stay away from a look that is too rustic, choose a matte finish and use to add character and warmth to interior spaces.

3. Cork

Seen more and more over recent years, cork is not just sustainable and versatile; a natural and stylish option that adds warmth and texture to any area, it’s also great for sound absorption. Good for cladding entire walls, a small feature floor, or in stand-alone feature items – such as side tables, trays and stools – cork is easily cleaned with warm soapy water, and can be sanded in the case of stubborn stains.

4. Faux Finishes

Fake is fashionable this year as homeowners and designers turn to sustainable, budget-friendly and often more reliable alternatives to authentic materials. Move over faux leather handbags, faux wood ceiling beams, engineered quartz, faux leather couches and counters, faux foliage and manufactured floor finishes will be taking centre stage.

5. Jewel tones

Time to add a little glam and sparkle, jewel tones, inspired by metals, space, stars clouds and the cosmos are getting a look in. While mixed metallic, raw-cut quartz, Lucite and opal are adding a dash of sparkle and interest, so too are X-ray materials, transparent fabrics, floaty silks and sheers.

Trends that are saying goodbye

Copper, marble, quote artworks, fiddle leaf figs, open plan living, chevron pattern, heavy window treatments, watery pastels, naked windows, mirrored furniture, tiled countertops, all white rooms, subway tiles  

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