Top 10 bike-friendly cities across the globe

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Cycling is the ideal way to exercise, get around and save on carbon emissions. These cities are making cycling an easy, safe and convenient mode of transport for residents and visitors.

10. Budapest, Hungary

Residents of Budapest can ride on over 200 kilometres of cycling paths, where riders can go through the city centre or various picturesque parks. A scenic cycle route along the Danube, along with an efficient bicycle sharing system, makes Budapest a desirable cycle destination. The cycling community in Budapest is note-worthy as residents turn more to this way of getting around town.

9. Barcelona, Spain

Officials in Barcelona have initiated measures to slow car traffic, making bicycles safer to use in the city centre. The bike-share program available in Barcelona is one of the most used in the world and the city boasts a great number of bike paths, many of which run along the mountains and water’s edge.

8. Cape Town, South Africa

Cycling in Cape Town

Cape Town is considered the most bike-friendly city in South Africa and is actively promoting cycling as an eco-friendly way of getting around the beautiful city centre. With the development of bike-friendly café’s, shops and places to stay, the city is fast becoming a place where residents choose two wheels over four. Not only is the City Bowl a great place to cycle, but the surrounding winelands have some of the most majestic cycle routes in the country.

7. Strasbourg, France

This little city in France is an ideal place to cycle, mainly due to its beauty and quaint streets. A large part of the city centre is a car-free zone, meaning that cycling or walking are the best ways to get around. Bike trails line the Rhine river, and connect Strasbourg with neighbouring countries like Germany. Considered the most cycle-friendly city in France, Strasbourg has over 18 000 bike racks and secure parking lots, including 850 affordable parking spaces at the train station.

6. Tokyo, Japan

About 14% of all residents in Tokyo commute by bicycle. For such a densely populated city, biking has become a popular way of getting around, and there are ample pavements to ride on, as well as large amounts of parking. Tokyo prides itself on being a particularly safe city, and this means bikes are safer than in most other countries. Just beyond the concrete jungle, there are mountains, parks and lakes for a more adventurous cycling experience.

5. Montreal, Canada

Cycling in Montreal

The city of Montreal has a whopping 600 kilometres of bike paths, lanes and trails, along with a self-serve bicycle renting system. It’s no wonder Montreal is one of the leading cities for the promotion and facilitation of cycling as a mode of transport. A bicycle lane that covers the entire length of the downtown area provides residents with a secure and easy way of getting from one end of the city to the other, on two wheels.

4. Boulder, Colorado, USA

Boulder’s bike-friendly roads and breathtaking scenery make it a cycling magnet for professionals, and those simply looking for adventure. With over 480 kilometres of bike paths across the city, Boulder has one of the best urban cycling scenes in the USA. People living in this city are known for their love of the outdoors, so what better way to get around than on a bike?

3. Portland, Oregon, USA

Known as “America’s Best Bike City”, the city of Portland is fast becoming more cycle-friendly and able to keep up with its European counterparts. Portland has one of the most ‘green’ public bike rental systems in the world, by using pre-existing bike corrals for parking, instead of creating new ones. The city has many bike lockers, cycling classes and etiquette guides available for residents and visitors alike. It’s a forward-thinking, eco-friendly initiative that enables people to get around safely on two wheels.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cycling in Amsterdam

With over 800 000 bicycles in this city, Amsterdam has a world-famous cycling culture. There is an unbelievable network of bike paths and flat streets, which means that cycling is the easiest mode of transport in this city. People in Amsterdam use bikes to get to and from work, transport children to school, carry groceries and much more. Everyone from students to police officers use bikes to get around. Bikes are also an ideal way for tourists to explore this picturesque city.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Biking in Copenhagen

Nearly half of all residents working in Copenhagen use bicycles to commute. Cycling is the most convenient way of getting around, with designated bike lanes and a “Cycle Super Highway” connecting Copenhagen to the town of Albertslund. Visitors to this beautiful city are amazed by the volume of cyclists and the amenities available for those on bicycles. Freely available air pumps and traffic lights timed to the average cycling speed, are but a few of the cycling conveniences in Copenhagen.

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