Top architectural trends for 2021

Top architectural trends for 2021

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Architecture has evolved greatly compared to what it used to be decades ago, with certain architectural trends dominating others annually. Architectural trends change based on a number of factors, namely: societal progression, new needs that have to be met by design, and new innovations that hit the market.

Are you wondering what the top architectural trends are for the upcoming year, 2021? Have a look at the list below:

1. Minimalism is timeless

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Minimalist architecture involves a design style that is simplistic and without decorations. The ideology behind minimalism is that we live in a consumerist society that causes us to hoard things we don’t need, thereby removing all practicality from our everyday lives.

Minimalist design focuses on the essentials, taking away the unnecessary elements that may distract you from the core essence of architectural design. Minimalist architecture is also a great way to put less strain on the environment as it requires fewer materials to make. Added to that, many people have adopted minimalism as a way of life by committing to owning as few items as possible, so it’s no surprise that it still remains as one of the top architectural trends of the modern world. After all, we could all learn a thing or two about focusing on the bare necessities.

2. Modern industrial style

Enter Alt Tag Here Modern industrial architecture involves incorporating industrial elements into home designs. This design style looks rustic and modern all in one. It gives one the feeling of being in a New York loft, usually with bare brick, distressed wood, and rusty metal pieces to complement.

This architecture style was created during the industrial revolution and came about as a response to the need for cheap housing close to factories during the time period, resulting in warehouses, barns, and industrial buildings being converted into living spaces.

3. Eco-friendly design is here to stay

Eco-friendly design is an architectural trend that is here to stay. Gone are the days when architecture had no consideration for the effects of building and renovating on the environment. Preserving the environment and ensuring that as little damage as possible occurs is at the top of many architectural building plans.

Designs that incorporate nature into them are becoming more prevalent, with architects creating designs that involve elements of nature.

4. Smart homes are the present and the future

Technology is an important facet of our everyday lives and certainly makes our lives easier. Smart homes are the homes of the present and the future, with many people choosing to automate their homes for increased convenience and security.

The integration of technology with architecture is only going to become more prominent as technology and society advances, so expect to see smart homes in top architectural lists for years to come.

5. Home spa bathrooms

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The rising emphasis on self-care and self-love has shifted design trends. People want to feel relaxed and at peace when they’re home, and the coronavirus lockdown has highlighted the importance of this too.

Home spas marked by beautiful and intricate bathroom designs are a top architectural trend to look out for in 2021. A stonework wall, a bathtub placed on a bed of pebbles, and wood finishes are some of the design elements prominent in this architectural trend.

Architectural trends shift every year due to societal and technological changes. The above architectural trends are 5 out of many that you should look out for in 2021 and beyond.


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