Wynberg Girls’ High School – guiding pupils through the Twenty-First Century

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Part of the Wynberg Campus of Schools, Wynberg Girls’ High School is located in the scenic Southern Suburbs at the foot of Table Mountain.

Founded in 1884, Wynberg Girls’ High School forms a part of a model that is progressive and at the forefront of education in the Western Cape. This is a system that integrates the benefits of single sex education, in partnership with the boys’ and girls’ schools on the campus, to create an environment for extra-mural and co-curricular interaction providing the best of both worlds and maximum use of campus facilities.

Central to the ethos of the schools is a focus, within the model, on four key areas namely academics, sport, culture and service. It is within the campus structure that learners stand to derive the maximum advantages in these areas, with no compromise in terms of excellence.

At Wynberg Girls’ High School, a team of qualified teachers monitor and guide learners within a challenging classroom environment. Learners are also given the opportunity to consolidate the curriculum through an Enriched Programme of Learning, which is recognised as a Cambridge University AS-level qualification. Lessons are tested through a variety of examinations and assessments that give meaningful application to learners’ class work. The school offers learner support in the form of clinics and academic support programmes via staff offering their highest expertise. A number of additional features, such as excursions and participation in relevant events help the girls to maintain motivation and enthusiasm for their work.

A range of team and social sports activities are offered at Wynberg Girls’ High School.Girls are encouraged to participate at their best and, as a result, Wynberg Girls’ High School has established itself for sporting excellence in a variety of areas. Many girls are committed to outside sporting ventures, receiving full support and acknowledgement from the school. As a result of the important sporting culture within the school, girls have received provincial and national accolades for their endeavours. The existence of the brother and sister school structure means that prime sporting facilities are offered to the girls at Wynberg Girls’ High School.

Culture is viewed as a pivotal element of the school lives of all learners at Wynberg Girls’ High School. With strong links to the academic and enriched learning programme, it is a fundamental offering by the school that develops and nurtures a far-reaching array of talent. Music, dance, art and drama form a part of the curriculum on offer at the school and, through extra-mural activities, girls are given a chance to further enhance these skills and participate in public showings on the school’s rich cultural calendar. In addition to these, girls are offered extra-mural training in public speaking, journalism, photo-journalism and web activities through the clubs and societies allocated with each of these as their focus. The involvement of the learners in the organisation of events develops important skills and a keen sense of responsibility.

In terms of Service, girls at Wynberg Girls’ High School are given innumerable opportunities to get involved in the community and generate awareness in areas in need of assistance. This is achieved while developing skills that are holistically beneficial to all those involved. Service includes awareness on protecting the environment, as well as fundraising initiatives for charities. Wynberg Girls’ High School also partners with schools that are less privileged through educational programmes and feeding schemes. Care groups within the school perform the important function in offering support in a variety of ways to a number of institutions and organisations. The impact they make on the lives of others cannot be mapped, and they typify the values that are inherent to the pillar of service within the school.

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