10 of the most expensive suburbs in South Africa

10 of the most expensive suburbs in South Africa

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If you’ve got big property dreams, then you’ll want to live in one of the 10 most expensive suburbs in South Africa. Private Property scoured its listings to find you the perfect place to live.

10 most expensive suburbs

South Africa is a country of extremes. From weather conditions to suburban living, South Africa’s suburbs offer a wide range of options when it comes to lifestyle. Private Property set out to find the 10 most expensive suburbs in South Africa, using statistical analysis. It was no surprise to find that suburbs in the glorious Western Cape feature prominently on this list, as demand for property continues to grow in this region, every day. Here are the 10 most expensive suburbs in South Africa:


If the superior lifestyle of the rich (and the famous) suits you, then Clifton, Cape Town, in the Western Cape is your favourite place to live. But it’s not just the glorious beachside properties that make it one of the most expensive suburbs in South Africa; it’s the lifestyle too. Reminiscent of the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, living in Clifton is not your typical suburban experience. A quick look at the Clifton property prices will reveal that simply having a few Million in the bank won’t cut it. The super-rich are the target market for this modern wonder, and it’s no wonder if I check out the price for a quaint one-bedroom apartment in Clifton.


Country living spaces, with the added convenience of being ideally located close to where you need to be in Cape Town, Bishopscourt features highly when listing the 10 most expensive suburbs in Cape Town. A little meander through this exquisite suburb offers you the equal opportunities of celeb-spotting and enjoying the idyllic views. Expect landscaped gardens, expansive lawns, tennis courts, and wine cellars, to be found in almost every home. Development within Bishopscourt is closely guarded and restricted, to help this incredible suburb retain its reputation as the paragon of multi-millionaire living.

Camps Bay

It’s not enough to simply play in Camps Bay, when you could buy yourself a sweet studio apartment for just under R2 million. It’s worth trying to squeeze your stuff into a small apartment in Camps Bay, because the views and soft white sand along the beach makes it all so very worthwhile, all year round. Camps Bay is the place to be, for eating out, having fun, and living the high fashion lifestyle. Bring your bikini!

Bantry Bay

Similarly located along the Atlantic Seaboard, Bantry Bay is the suburb you want to stay in, to avoid the wind. Protected from the worst of the Cape Doctor by rocky outcrops, Bantry Bay plays hosts to tourists all year round, thanks to its conveniently located and luxurious hotels and properties. Offering easy access to Clifton Beach and beyond exceptional ocean views, Bantry Bay firmly deserves a space on your house hunt list, when you’re looking for a new home within one of the 10 most expensive suburbs in South Africa.


You’ll find fabulous Fresnaye between Sea Point and Signal Hill, beautifully situated along the slopes of Lion’s Head. Living in Fresnaye means you’ll take your pick from architecturally exquisite homes, with a price range that’s as steep as the mountain slopes. But there’s no escaping the reason for these price tags: living in Fresnaye is some sort of suburban dream come true.


It’s the KwaZulu-Natal equivalent of living in a suburban dreamland, where easy living and convenience are combined with incredible ocean views. There’s one big difference between living in Umhlanga and living within Cape Town’s most expensive suburbs: the ocean in Umhlanga is warm enough to enjoy swimming all year round. Cosmopolitan apartment blocks and extensive stand-alone properties are to be found in Umhlanga, and it's the definitive Durban place to live. That’s why you’ll find the Private Property offices here too - we do it for the view!


The City of Johannesburg is a fast-paced place to be, but living within the suburb of Westcliff moves you towards a slightly slower pace, without sacrificing the convenience of living in South Africa’s golden city. Home to one of the country’s most renowned and exclusive hotels, the Four Seasons Westcliff, that should say it all about living in Westcliff. Combining olde worlde luxury and modern convenience, buying your home in Westcliff is a property dream come true.


Boasting a relatively small population, and situated in one of South Africa’s most beautiful spots, the suburb of Knysna is a quaint addition to this list of the 10 most expensive suburbs in South Africa. Well-adapted for both tourism and suburban citizens, living in Knysna is an experience like none other. And, while substantial development in and around the region is still underway, the eclectic and laidback lifestyle that’s embedded into this suburb will stay.

Somerset West

Mansions are a marvellous way to spend your money, and you’ll have your pick of the best in Somerset West. Enjoy being surrounded by wine farms, nature reserves, and exceptional views, you’ll find lots to do in this little suburb, as it features on our list of the 10 most expensive suburbs in South Africa.


A mix of farmland living and suburban homes make up this small suburb that’s charmingly referred to by locals as “The Crest”. To get there, you just need to travel “up the hill” (that’s Field’s Hill, for tourists and visitors), to enjoy an immediate escape from Durban’s signature humidity. Well-loved by its residents, the quaint and quiet lifestyle within Hillcrest makes it a must for the home seeker who is keen to splash out on a new home within one of the 10 most expensive suburbs in South Africa.

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