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Justin Clarke

We are a nation with huge resources and great diversity, our business people excel overseas, not just MTN, SASOL, BIDVEST and SAB Miller but many others. Even our past political leaders like Nelson Mandela and Jan Smuts, are world moral authorities. We have some of the top rated sports teams on the planet and our ordinary people do extraordinary things, look at the biggest long distance marathon, the Comrades, biggest open water swim, Midmar Mile, Biggest cycle marathons, the Argus and 94.7, and many crazy things that we do bigger and better than others, but that we choose to overlook.

So why is it that the Minister Pravin Gordhan gets a round of applause in parliament, and general acceptance from the business community, when he announces Real GDP is expected grow from 1.9 , rising to 2.7 percent in 2011 and 3.2 per cent in 2012 ?

It is like saying we are planning to fail dismally, and everyone is relieved?

In my simple view this is like aiming to tread water when we could be working towards a better nation, creating real jobs and helping to lift the PEOPLE (remember them) out of poverty.

If the emerging world countries like India (average of 7 % for 10 years) and China (over 10% per annum) can can storm along with a huge pace, why cant we raise our targets and do what needs to be done to make at it happen?

The budget did very little changed in the housing sector, apart from a small R1 Billion security to encourage banks to lend to reasonably remunerated poor. Not much else happened to get developers back to work, and to channel private investment back into the housing markets. (add your ideas below and we can petition the minister)

Not only does a buoyant housing market create more houses, theoretically bringing prices down (as supply overtakes demand) and providing more people with their primary need of housing, but perhaps more importantly generating jobs, Rates for local municipalities, company tax, personal tax, transfer duty and VAT.

Come guys, there is much more that can be done. Lets get the rainbow nations blood pumping, and lets demand a lot more from our civil servants!

3.2% growth by 2012 is a missed opportunity ....

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