50 Day property challenge

50 Day property challenge

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The EDPF Academy partners with Private Property and 2 South African Musical Artists to teach the public how they invest in property.

Committed to being the preferred supplier of training, incubation, and support to those historically disadvantaged and seeking education within the property space, the Enterprise Development Property Fund have partnered with South Africa’s leading property website, Private Property and 2 well-known artists to bring the EDPF Property Academy to the public domain. The property sector has been slow to transform but the opportunity to overcome this challenge is making headway as many are seeking a way out of troubling circumstances to create generational wealth and additional income streams.

Investing approximately 20 years within the industry and cultivating a wealth of knowledge, The Enterprise Development Property Fund was founded upon one man’s desire to elevate the broader South African citizen using Property as a driving tool and source of upliftment and hope for historically disadvantaged property entrants.

The Academy has been in beta testing since 2017 with 200 students over the 5-year period and is finally ready to launch its offering and support streams to the public this year. The students have various backgrounds and income streams, as well as individual aspirations that drove them toward an interest in the property sector.

In 2019, when Nigel Adriaanse turned 50, he had launched a personal challenge entitled ‘50x50’ wherein he would acquire 50 properties within 50 days to celebrate his 50th Birthday. He exceeded this expectation by acquiring a total of 76 units.

“We must make sure this message gets out to everyone in South Africa, regardless of their background, ethnicity, economic stature or age,” says the Enterprise Development Property Fund Founder and CEO - thus inspiring the Academy team to take this challenge to the public and assist them in achieving the same goal by utilizing the vast knowledge and experience of industry leaders.

SAMA nominated singer, songwriter, and performer – Jarrad Ricketts, as well as MetroFM radio presenter, DJ, and voice over artist – Mat_Elle, have accepted the challenge to acquire their very own title deed within 50 Days alongside EDPF Academy and Private Property.

“I am really excited to be a part of the property portfolio development conversation. As a person of colour I recognized the importance of having a seat at the table, to acquire knowledge that we as a community were not privy to. This is one of the biggest opportunities I have to share with the public as I take on this journey, to create an empowered future generation that can further break cycles and narratives and completely transform the face of property ownership in South Africa.” says Ricketts.

Their journey will be documented in an exciting new series entitled ‘50 DAY PROPERTY CHALLENGE’ and will air every Friday for a period of 10 consecutive weeks across the EDPF and Private Property social media platforms and websites, allowing property enthusiasts an opportunity to access this forward-thinking platform and its learning resources.

The award-winning Radio Presenter, Mat Elle, has furthered her property ventures with optimistic insight stating,” The 50 Day Challenge has been a great learning so far. I’ve not only learned how to identify a cash flow positive deal, but also how to manage it once acquired. My hope for everyone on this journey is that they will start having more property conversations as the ‘new normal’ and start investing in property too.”

The challenge begins with 2 weeks of classes, followed by the artists venturing out to seek their ideal property and leveraging guidance from a handful of industry-leading specialists who are also lecturers within the Academy. Join us as we follow the artists on an exciting journey that sees Ricketts acquire his very first property and Mat Elle expand her existing property portfolio.

“This challenge will pave the way for others to achieve the same and more.” Says Nigel.

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Writer: Caryn Tiana


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