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Billiton, Rio Tinto and Anglo American are divesting from SA. What more needs to happen to persuade people to diversify personally? These global companies decisions are due to unattractiveness based on electricity shortages, labour unrest, weakening currency and government regulation uncertainty! Business Day, 20th August 2014. At least get the facts, truth and understand the opportunities at our offshore breakfasts next week. Click here to book.

With the recent talks from Afriforum about the Green Paper on land reform, about the impending change to the land rights of farmers in April 2015, we believe it is important for us to get to the bottom of what is happening and **what impact this will have on our wealth in South Africa. Click here to book for the IPS breakfast.

Along with this we have just returned from a worldwide trip, taking 22 days to travel around the world, including 7 American cities. We will be discussing and launching opportunities in the best 3 markets we found. Click here to book for the IPS breakfast and understand them first.

We have some very exciting news. We have managed to secure financing as low as 6.5% for foreign nationals and LTV as high as 65%, fixed for between 7 to 30 years, in some of the best markets in the USA. Click here to book for the IPS breakfast and find out about these possibilities.

At our next IPS Investor Breakfasts we will be focusing on:

  • What is the TRUTH behind what is happening with the land situation in April 2015 in South Africa and also these multi nationals divesting.

  • What impact this will have on our wealth in South Africa?

  • What is our market analysis of the 7 markets we travelled in the USA?

  • How to take advantage of financing which is fixed for 7 to 30 years, LTV’s as high as 65% and as low as 5.75% for foreign nationals.

  • We will also be launching new opportunities in one of the most economically resilient markets in USA.

  • Jaco Maritz, our CEO spent a week with Richard Dunn, our new head of the IPS Australian division and we will be sharing our new opportunities in Australia. At the breakfast Scott Picken will be explaining why Australia remains a key focus for our own investments and for our investors.

  • Finally want to know about the Asian markets? Scott Picken had breakfast with Jim Rogers, author of Investment Biker and business partner of **George Soro’s and he will share insights into the greatest opportunities globally, along with the risks you need to know about…. As always we don’t care what sentiment says, we learn from the best in the world with proven track records so that we can make educated and informed decisions and share this with our clients and friends.

On our latest buyers trip, one of the most respected people in South African property, Jannie Moolman joined us. He personally owns over 180 shopping centres and is one of the most successful property people in South Africa, with over 40 years of experience. Listen to his thoughts on our partners on the ground and the opportunities he experienced on the last *USA Buyers Trip 8* –

Join us for our IPS quarterly Investor Breakfasts to find out how you to can benefit from our experience which spans over a decade and is why we can *‘impress’* someone with Jannie’s calibre.

Here are the details:

(*current clients please see agenda for special plan we have made for you. Click on the link below to see agenda*):

  • Cape Town – 25th Aug – 7am to 11:30am (Century City) – Click here

  • *Durban *– 26th Aug – 7am to 11:30am (Umhlanga) – Click here

  • PTA – 27th Aug – 7am to 11:30am (Atterbury) – Click here

  • JHB – 28th Aug – 7am to 11:30am (Bryanston) – Click here

In September, Richard Dunn will personally be meeting with each and every client who has invested already in Australia to give them a full update on their properties and also give guidance on the best way forward with their portfolio’s in South Africa.

As we always say, “Investing is only about two things, Information and Partners.” Why not come and get the first and we can introduce you to the best partners in USA and Australia.

We highly recommend you don’t miss this breakfast with new truths, facts your need to understand and new opportunities – click here to book for the breakfasts.


Scott Picken

Founder and Chairman of IPS

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