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Scott Picken

As you know we have invested over R2 million in hard costs traveling to USA, meeting partners and finding the best solutions for our clients and ourselves 96 trips in 14 months).

The market is so fluid and we, as responsible investors, need to be constantly adapting to ensure we have the right information and the right partners so we can consistently outperform the market averages, and in so doing, continue to grow our Global Wealth.

Over the last year, we have developed a partnership with one of the leading financiers in the USA and we finally got to meet them face-to-face on the last buyers trip.

And guess what – we’d like to introduce you to her, both virtually and face-to-face!

Here is the recording of the webinar where she will explain how to have cashflow positive, no money down property in USA.

The other great news is that this very same finance partner is coming to South Africa and will be the main guest along with John Chin at the *USA Investor Breakfasts *in September. That’s just what we do – we bring the best to SA because we know not everyone can take the time out of their lives to join us on the buyers trips!

This event will be completely different from the events in the past where John Chin and our finance partner will dazzle you with new information, updates and opportunities, as well as in depth actionable strategies that we are deploying to consistently help us and our clients create economically resilient global portfolio growth.

  • Durban – 4th September

  • Cape Town – 6th September

  • Pretoria – 11th September

  • JHB – 12th September

  • Click here to book

As always we are striving to constantly find the best solutions, the right information and the right partners to help you *“Invest with Confidence!”*


Scott Picken

P.S. If you know of anyone of your friends or family that might benefit by creating a global offshore property portfolio, please forward this invitation to them to join us on the webinar. It might change their lives! Here is the link:

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