Franchisees award Rawson Property Group with “Best Real Estate Franchisor in SA”

Franchisees award Rawson Property Group with “Best Real Estate Franchisor in SA”

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In a surprise twist during the Rawson Property Group’s annual awards event, franchisees interrupted virtual proceedings to award their franchisor “Best Real Estate Franchisor in South Africa”. The accolade, agreed on unanimously by Rawson franchisees, comes on the back of one of the Group’s most difficult – and also most successful – years to date.

“Last year challenged our industry beyond comprehension,” says Lizette Joubert, Chairperson of the Rawson Property Group’s Franchisee EXCO. “Despite the difficulties, our Rawson family made it through the storm not just intact, but stronger than ever. As franchisees, we wanted to acknowledge the massive role our franchisor played in achieving that success and show our gratitude to the team for their hard work, commitment and dedication.”

Needless to say, emotions ran high during the surprise award to the franchisor team, many of whom were caught dabbing tears from their eyes at the unexpected gratitude and recognition. Teamwork, collaboration and family values have always been at the core of the Rawson brand, but few expected them to be tested quite as thoroughly as they were in 2020.

“Working from home in between managing households, childcare, home-schooling and all the other lockdown craziness was challenging to say the least,” says Jeanne-Mare Oosthuizen, General Manager of the Rawson Property Group. “But we stuck together like never before. The franchisor team, our franchisees, our agents – it was just incredible. We adapted, we improved how we do business, and we kept serving our clients with excellence.”

Tony Clarke, Managing Director of the Rawson Property Group, says the brand’s long-term investment in technology was pivotal in enabling agents, franchisees and the franchisor team to keep delivering, despite the unprecedented circumstances. The Group’s quick roll-out of extensive virtual training also enabled its teams to make the most of the tools and technology available to them.

“I have worked for various real estate brands, and none of them could compete with Rawson when it comes to technology and systems,” says Marelize Coetzee, who opened her new Rawson Franchise in May 2020, mid lockdown. “The Rawson tech ecosystem really makes my agents so much more efficient and effective, and makes my life as the franchisee so much easier when it comes to management and reporting.”

It’s not just the Group’s tools and technology that inspired franchisees to create an award for their franchisor, however.“Rawson has this great combination of impressive, yet super down-to-earth leadership,” says Noeleen Fisher, Rawson Franchisee since October 2020. “It reassures you that you’re in good hands, while simultaneously making you feel part of one, big, happy family. It’s been amazing to have access to such an abundance of help and support.”

“We went through an extremely stressful time as franchise owners, with every day bringing new developments and challenges,” adds Stephen Lubbe, franchisee for Rawson Properties George. “The one thing I didn’t have to worry about was Rawson’s leadership in the crisis. Tony and his franchisor team did a tremendous job under very difficult circumstances, and we truly appreciate everything they are doing for us and our teams.”

“I’m honestly just so proud to be a part of this incredible team and incredible family,” says Tony Clarke. “It means the world to have our efforts appreciated, but even more so to see our franchisees come together and collaborate on a secret project like this. It really drives home the fact that we’re all in this together, and if we keep supporting each other and building each other up, we can only grow from strength to strength.”


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