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As a nation, we are becoming more budget conscious, with the credit crunch biting hard over the past couple of years. We still have to eat and live somewhere, and although property development is not as flamboyant and spectacular as it was in the past, with houses that often exceeded 350 square metres, people are realizing that less has become the new more. Consumerism, on the whole, is something of the past, with homes being a lot more modest in 2011.Eco-friendly is the new buzzword that has infiltrated the world of property development. Architectural styles have become natural and eco-friendly, with houses positioned and built to maximize the use of summer breezes for ventilation and cooling in summer, or to catch the warmth of the winter sun.Roofs are built to overhang at different depths to protect the house from the hot summer sun, but will permit the mid-winter sun to infiltrate the windows while at the same time encouraging the interior to use the natural light to the maximum.Building green is not only something that we read about, but has pretty much become the order of the day. Unheard of in the past, going green will almost certainly be an integral part of all new property developments, and will be stipulated by law.Solar panels, for example, are a wonderful way to save money while at the same time avoiding falling victim to severe power outages that we have been exposed to in the recent past. Rainwater catchment, drought-tolerant indigenous flora incorporated into landscaping and more recycling all come into the new equation with property developments in 2011.Many of us would find that solar panels are unsightly and unattractive, but there are cleverly designed flat roofs with parapet walls that cleverly incorporate panels so as to hide them.The style, in 2011, has become fresher and a lot simpler, with health, nature and practicality being this year’s trend.Clean, uncomplicated lines are where styles are taking us, with natural finishes being on top of the list. Property owners are opting for a more healthy approach with the use of unleaded VOC paints and finishes and with furnishings and trimmings made out of natural products.

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