Mixed use developments on the rise

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The rise of mixed use developments

The daily commute, from suburb to office, can take a toll on you. Living close to your office and your favourite entertainment spots makes sense, but it’s not always been a feasible option in urban areas of South Africa. Nowadays, however, as mixed use developments take a prime position in the property market, it’s becoming even easier to live, work, and play, all within an urban precinct.

Live, work, and play

Mixed use developments are designed to make your life that much more convenient, by putting everything you need to live, work, and play, within easy distance. In fact, mixed use developments blend office space, leisure and entertainment, and residential living space together, creating an all-in-one space that’s built for convenience. This creates a particular type of convenient lifestyle, often favoured by young professionals. Cutting down on the commute, and establishing a sweet style of convenience as lifestyle, mixed use developments are in particularly high demand.

Investment opportunities

As an urban living concept, mixed use developments present a variety of opportunities for residents to enjoy a comfortable, convenient lifestyle. But their attraction doesn’t end there: mixed use developments across South Africa also create unique investment opportunities for those wanting to break into the property market. With residential spaces that most often range from small apartments to bigger penthouses, investing in a mixed use development can pay off quite quickly for an eager property investor. As most mixed use development facilities offer serviced accommodation, convenient amenities, or are situated in interesting urban spaces, the demand for renting a property is relatively high.

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Urban living in Umhlanga

Beacon Rock, situated adjacent to Umhlanga’s famous “village” is an urban living dream. As a mixed use development located in Durban’s beautiful Umhlanga, Beacon Rock presents residents with a wide range of opportunities to live, work, and play, without even needing to fill up with petrol. With the ground floor devoted to retail and restaurants, and commercial or office space located above, Beacon Rock’s apartments and duplexes are in high demand. Notably too, Beacon Rock is a mere three minutes’ walk away from the much-loved Umhlanga promenade and beaches. The mixed use development approach of live, work, and play, is made ever-so-simple at beautiful Beacon Rock. More and more mixed use developments are breaking ground across the northern regions of Durban, with construction underway in the Sibaya Precinct, and more.

Supreme lifestyle in Sandton

Trading in the suburban life for urban living in Sandton is on the rise, and there’s good motivation for making the move. Living close to your office in Sandton is a key survival tactic for eliminating the commute from your life, and for ensuring that you get the most out of every day. Johannesburg traffic is infamous for its delays and frustrations, and mixed use developments take the hassle out of getting to and from work. The Sandton Emperor is a luxurious mixed use development, that combines residential and leisure facilities, in a ‘millionaire lifestyle’ manner. Opening its doors in 2018, The Marc is another mixed use development that’s in high demand. Combining incredible retail space with a prime office park, The Marc is the best place to be in Sandton. As demand for mixed use developments in Sandton grows at pace, development does too. Barlow Park, Sandton Gate, and many more, are currently under construction.

Curated living in Cape Town City Bowl

Living in Cape Town’s City Bowl is particularly attractive, because everything you need is just a quick walk or drive away. And, thanks to clever thinking from city management, the area is most often not affected by loadshedding. Cosmopolitan, convenient living is in high demand amongst Capetonians, which means that more and more mixed use developments are under construction in the City Bowl. The Icon Centre is one such beautifully appointed space, located just two minutes’ walk away from Cape Town International Convention Centre. Blending retail, commercial, and residential space in an elegant way, space at The Icon is quickly snapped up, as residents enjoy comfortable, convenient urban living that makes their life easier.

When you’re making your next property investment decision, or searching for a new spin on your lifestyle, a mixed use development might just be your next big move.

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