Private Property R100K competition: the lucky winners

Private Property R100K competition: the lucky winners

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Private Property has recently unveiled an exciting and modern rebrand and to celebrate, a competition was launched where one lucky winner stood the chance to win R100 000.

The R100K competition spanned over a few weeks, with entries closing on 31 May. The winner was due to be announced on 15 June during the Private Property live podcast, but a turn of events resulted in two lucky winners splitting the R100 000 cash prize, instead of one.

We sat down with one of the competition winners, Thozama Ntintili, and got to know more about her as a person as well as what she intends to do with the cash prize.

Ntintili is originally from Roodepoort in the west of Johannesburg where she works as a personal assistant for a mining company.

She describes herself as an optimistic, humble person who loves life and people. Her hobbies include spending time with her friends and family, as well as watching movies and running marathons. “So far, I’ve only ran 21km,” she says.

When asked about her current home and living space, she said she lives with her husband and two kids. She is currently renting a two-bedroom flat, but has the ambition of owning her own property in the near future. Seeing that one of her children is a growing teenage boy, she believes a bigger space will be great for the entire family.

We wondered how her family reacted to the exciting news of her winning the R100K competition and she said: “The day we got the call, we were all together. It was so crazy, we were so excited, all of us.”

Thozama Ntintili says she’s never been one to consider herself lucky, although she says she won a competition towards the end of 2019 where she won a braai stand. We asked her if she thought she had a lucky streak and she said, “I’m picking up a pattern and I love it!”

Her plans for the cash prize are to prepare herself to be in the perfect position to purchase a property for her growing family when the time comes.

Thozama expressed her love for the Private Property website. “I’d like to consider myself as an amateur in the property space, I don’t know much. But because of you guys, it’s just opening my mind to learning and understanding the whole investing opportunity in property. I’m grateful for that.”

We’d like to congratulate Thozama Ntintili on her win and wish her the best for her future property plans!

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