RE/MAX Invites Agents to Show Love to Their Local Communities

RE/MAX Invites Agents to Show Love to Their Local Communities

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This Valentine’s Month, the RE/MAX of Southern Africa network is spreading their love across the region as part of a national Show Your Love campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to create an opportunity in which to focus on serving those around us – even if it is in just some small way.

“The pandemic has been tough on all of us, whether it be financially or emotionally. We hope that this campaign will make even just a small difference to somebody during these challenging times,” explains Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett.

“While we acknowledge that many of our offices and associates are already involved in various community support initiatives throughout the year, we encourage everyone in our network to take the month to focus on finding new opportunities to give back to the local suburbs we serve. We thank all within the RE/MAX network for their continued commitment to community-focused service and encourage them to keep on giving back in any way they can,” says Goslett.

For those who would like to join RE/MAX in their efforts to spread the love this February, here are a few ideas to help brighten the days of those around us:

• Support a struggling local business by making a substantial purchase

• Leave positive reviews about the local business’ you’ve visited and recommend them on social media

• Tip your waitress or food delivery person generously

• Buy or prepare a meal for the local car guards

• Tip your house help/garden service extra this month

• Donate to the RE/MAX Foundation or any other NPO or initiative of your choosing

• Pay for the person behind you when ordering a coffee or going through a drive-through

• Compliment the shop assistant/grocery clerk to make their day that little bit brighter

• Donate to a local neighbourhood watch

“In previous years, this campaign has always been a great success and many RE/MAX associates across the country have not hesitated to roll up their sleeves and get behind some or other worthy community cause. I look forward to seeing what success this campaign will bring this year and encourage all South Africans to join us in our efforts to help spread some joy amid these challenging circumstances,” Goslett concludes.

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